I need a platonic poly friend

I need a poly friend.  I need one so bad that I’ve actually asked a few of the nicer folks I’ve been chatting with on OK Cupid (in order to date) to please just be my friend, but I’m not having much luck.  Does that tell you anything about the people I’m meeting on OK Cupid (with a few exceptions)?  I don’t have any poly friends that I’m not dating or that aren’t involved with those I’m dating.  This sounds like I’m dating 40 people.

There is kinky boy and roller girl, uh.. no.  I’m dating both of them and they are an estranged couple and this is the source of much of the drama in my life.  (Not their fault.. I didn’t mean that.  just the SITUATION).

There is Great Date and his Gal.  Uh.. no.

There are people I was talking about dating but that I may or may not date.

I’m glad there is a meetup coming up, and I’m going to hit some events.  I’ve been concentrating on dating and I need to concentrate on FRIENDS.


  1. The problem with poly friends, *especially* if you’re bi, is that being poly leaves the door open to sexual tension, and that can really mess up a friendship if you don’t put a foot down from day one and make sure that the parameters of the friendship are explicit. Ideally, you should find a straight female or gay male that you’re not attracted to.

    I’d offer, but… 🙂


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