Not how I expected

Aaaaand I’m done.  I feel like I’ve been beaten today and not in the good way.  It was the last reverberations of drama on the dating a couple front as I think they are winding down, but Kinky Boy and I almost broke up. Afterward I could not make words for a feeling and I said “you know this isn’t really about fun… And Im not…. It’s not that I just think you’re neat.  I mean..”  He grabbed me and hugged me and said ” I love you too”.

It was up and down today, with everyone, but a lot of Peace was made. We were all exhausted I think and it came out in over reactions, but I think we turned a corner.  Having said that, if I ever ever ever think of dating another broken up couple, you have my permission to punch me in the face until I relent.  It would be gentler and kinder.

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