Poly BBQs and Roller Girls Rock

Roller Girl is a god damned revelation.  Holy guacamole.  Lord Almighty.  Whoopity Do!

I had a wonderful date.  Wonderful.

We went to West Seattle and ate at a great little place with oddly bad service and I didn’t care a lick.  🙂  I was nervous at first, which was funny.  We’ve met a number of times, of course, and we’ve talked pretty much daily for about a month now.  She’s become a good friend and a confidant and she’s just so fucking sweet and supportive and kind, and oh my lord she’s a lovely dirty talker.  She’s also very very saucy, with gorgeous skin, short curlyish red hair, a curvy pin up body and a very very dirty mind.  In short, she’s AWESOME.

We ended up making out on a huge log on the beach and pretty much should have been arrested.  We went back to her house and were going to make coffee because we were both so tired but we got caught up in stuff, never made it, and ended up staying up until 3 or so anyway.  We passed out.  Passed out!  I woke some time later and turned off the lights before curling back up with her.

In the morning we had breakfast and she helped me dye my hair.  Isn’t that awesome, a date that helps you dye your hair?  God I love dating a woman again.

Kinky Boy and his girlfriend showed up and we all cleaned like mad for the BBQ, which killed me because the place looked like a bomb went off by the time the party was rolling, but hey.. their place is a lot cleaner underneath all that party mess.

So yeah.. the metropolitan thing of being at a BBQ with your husband, lover, lover and potential lover, it’s weird.  It was SO good to see Great Date and to spend time with Kinky Boy and Roller Girl and Hubby, but it was IMPOSSIBLE to spend all the time with all of them that I wanted to.  I ended up helping cook and deal with dead grill issues which made seeing all of them harder.  I was pretty conscious that I had no freaking clue how to act too.  How much eye contact and flirting is okay?  Is hubby getting jealous or just trying to hide how much he is liking seeing Great Date’s Gal?  It was very relaxed and very fun, but I worried that Great Date was uncomfortable.  I also was being very cautious with Hubby.  Hubby afterall had spent his first night alone the evening before and this was the first time we all hung out after Roller Girl and I dated.  There are always lots of layers in Poly it seems, but this is a crazy situation.  I’m constantly amazed by how weird things dont’ actually seem all that weird all the time when you are doing them.

Eh. It was a good BBQ.

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