emotional yoga

Things are nice and even keeled like I like them now.  Gone is the malestrom of craziness from our tangle.  I won’t lie.. a lot of it for me had to do with the sheer relief of my date with Roller Girl, but more of it had to do with the communication.

Practicing poly remotely well is communication.  Are you getting a theme dear reader?  Communication, communication, communication.  I have to fight my natural tendency to avoid conflict and strife and drama and speak up.  Hubby has to avoid his natural introverted tendency to want to just process everything himself and sweep things under the rug, and we all have to be much more transparent, and that is a mother bitch at times.

contortionistIt’s emotional yoga.  Poly done poorly or well puts you in a position to face old fears and old tapes and new ideas that hadn’t been brought up before or seen in a while.  It puts  you in uncomfortable positions sometimes and this bubbles up those little niggling fears and insecurities, bad communication patterns and little bad habits in your relationships.  It is these uncomfortable situations that force us to examine and change that really are the backbone of the growth of poly, but who ever said growth is comfortable and easy?

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