Blogging and Dating.. yes it's stolen

So, I’m stealing this topic from a friend.  Blogging and Dating.

tmiI find that I’m pretty inconsistent in telling people that I am dating that I have a blog or that they would appear in it.  Hubby knows I have it and has expressed zero interest in reading it, Thank God.  I think he’s afraid I’ll ask him to read it so he does this weird like averting of his eyes and leaving the room when I’m writing it.  It’s kinda funny.  He knows pretty much everything in the blog anyway.  We’re pretty “sharey” that way.

Great Date reads it occasionally and Roller Girl does too.  I have not told Kinky Boy that I have a blog.  I haven’t told the writer, and I haven’t told most of my dates.  I told one guy I’m talking to from OK Cupid, but it’s not clear at this point if we can be friends or if we’ll date.

I do find myself censoring occasionally and I can’t help it.  I didn’t talk as lasciviously as I would about the mind blowingly awesome date I had with Roller Girl because I knew both she and Great Date would read it and a) I don’t want Roller Girl to be offended and refuse to have sex with me again because I LOVE sex with Roller Girl.  b) I don’t want to hurt Great Date’s feelings because we have not yet had sex.  I like him and he’s hot, but I feel a small hesitation because I’m not sure about us and I don’t want him to think I’m not interested or to be hurt by rave reviews of sex with other people.  I’m not a total douche and I know he’s a real person with feelings.  c) I don’t want them to see what a freaking mushy sex fiend I actually am till I’ve slept with both of them many many times and they are too hooked to reject me.
Just being honest.  🙂

I haven’t figured out yet for me “how much is too much” as to my level of sharing.  I guess I feel some freedom to over-share because it’s an anonymous blog and frankly I do not have enough (read any) poly friends that I’m not dating.  I’m trying to make some, and I’m excited about going to a meetup this week.

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  1. Yeah, it’s challenging, isn’t it?

    I’ve decided that sex is sort of the line for me; I might share that I had sex with someone and enjoyed it, but I find that comparisons are kind of the devil — blog or no blog. If nothing else, Great Date is male and Roller Girl is female, so there will always be some differences… some things each can do that the other cannot (physically, psychologically, and emotionally). Similarly, sometimes people have “good days” and “bad days,” sexually speaking. Performance anxiety can strike at any of us, and if Great Date feels that he has to turn in a gold medal performance every time (to top Roller Girl), that’s unlikely to lead to positive outcomes.

    Ultimately it’s a bit of a delicate dance, to decide what to share. And it’s a delicate dance to decide what to READ, also. I think that ultimately all you can do is trust everyone involved to be an adult and communicate their feelings as bes tthey can.


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