Dear L.  You are utterly and completely right.  I am very ashamed at my thoughtless stupidity and careless words.  I was talking about a HUMAN BEING.  I was talking about a smart, funny, decent, nice, intelligent, creative, wonderful human that I really liked, and I said things that were thoughtless and cruel and mean and the worst part is I didn’t even mean them.

I’m glad you called me on this and I will remove it immediately and will stop being such an idiot.  It was not my intention to hurt you or your loved one but I did because I did not think.  I did not think it would ever matter because I thought nobody knew who I was and nobody would know anyone I talked about and no one would be hurt.  I thought I could write a blog where I could talk about some of the things I was thinking and feeling and if it was anonymous that I didn’t need to be careful or to think about what I said or make sure I really meant it.  That was really not thinking.

I was childish.  I said things flippantly that you and I both know are untrue and were just totally wrong.   I’m very sorry.  I really don’t know what else to say.  I’m ashamed of myself.  Thank you for calling me on it.


  1. What a beautiful apology! I have no idea what it’s all about, but I know how it feels to unintentionally hurt someone’s feelings (awful), and how it feels to admit that to yourself and others (nerve wracking). I don’t know you, but “idiot” is probably going too far — I don’t think anyone capable of feeling this apology, let alone writing it, could possibly be an idiot. And, like I said, since I don’t know you this might be too strange of a reply… but I find myself empathizing with this very much. My wish for you today is… that you continue being fearless in your writings, and brave in the face of consequences. *hugs*



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