A nice little weekend

My weekend had a pretty inauspicious start.  I was looking down the barrel of an awkward threesome invitation and thinking my really looked forward to date was gonna suck.  Yay I was wrong.

I went out with my hubby Friday and enjoyed a good old dinner and a movie.  Lots of talking, lots of kissing and just good times.  He’s still my favorite human ever.

Saturday I talked everything over with Kinky Boy and his girlfriend and admitted that while the idea of a threesome with Kinky Boy was a good idea, I wasn’t sure if it would be with his girlfriend who I’d thought was straight until like.. Friday, and I definitely wasn’t ready for it this weekend during my date.  They were both really cool about it.  I was also able to communicate again that I was not interested in giving up my individual relationship with Kinky Boy.  The girlfriend said she wasn’t ready to sleep together either but she’d like to flirt and get to know me either way and she’s cool with Kinky Boy and I remaining US too.  I’m cool with that.

triadKinky Boy said pretty honestly that he of course wants the big ol’ triad situation, but that without it he’d be happy if me and the girlfriend got along and that we could spend time together harmoniously occasionally, and well, we do.  So… good.  We all went to a BBQ held by a friend of Kinky Boy’s and had a great time.  There was good food and good people and then we dropped the girlfriend back off at her house and proceeded to our date.  It was nice that it wasn’t weird and we had a really lovely date.  We made coffee and talked for hours and had a great deal of affection and bonding above and beyond the physical stuff.

Sunday I took my hubby to the Dallas/Seahawks game, and while he was heckled mercilessly in his Dallas jersey and his team lost, it was still a pretty cool bucket list kind of thing.  He’s loved the Cowboys forever and has always wanted to see them play.  More good times with the honey.  We had a pretty quiet night at home after that and I even did a little painting.

Sometimes with all this poly stuff and dating and communication and whatnot it’s just really nice to chill with and reconnect with my honey and the people I care about. It was that kind of weekend, and that’s awesome in my book.

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