Tough Gals

We tough gals, we independent women, we are forged steel sometimes.

I talked this over with Roller Girl last night.  It was hilarious.. the two of us reassuring each other that we are cool, and that gooshiness between Roller Girl and Hubby changes nothing for the two of us, and  “gee whiz.. see.. uh.. I like you a lot but I’m not expecting nothin’ so don’t worry, OK?”  HA!

We are so much alike sometimes.  Neither one of us wants to lose the coolness building and both of us are big huge scaredy cats of all this emotion stuff, especially not wanting to let our guards down in front of the other but dying to say things.  We kept turning it back to sex, because that’s where we are comfortable and it kept veering again to how much we like each other and how we feel about love stuff and a bunch of emotional type conversations that neither of us is very comfortable with or were good at.  See, the problem is that construction gals and roller derby queens and soldiers and cowgirls (all of which we are) are not mushy women.  We don’t get all sentimental and emotional and weak.  This is for lesser women.  We kick ass.  We swallow that stuff down and wear big girl panties every day.  Right?  Um..

mushyWe are this way because we are both giant marshmallows and we’ve built up our much needed armor and facade of cool calm and levelness for protection.  We are strong and independent, and we are capable and tough, and able to stand some serious stuff, sure enough-

But we’re also huge bundles of ooshy gooshy emotions and feelings too.  We feel everything, sometimes even deeper and harder.  Damn.. now it’s out there and the jig is up.  (hint.. Great Date is the male version of this too.  Sorry Great Date.  It’s true.  I promised I wouldn’t say you were a nice guy, but I never said I wouldn’t narc you out for your awesome ability to feel.)


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