Great Dates with Great Date

Dear ones, if you are my lover you might not wanna read this one.  Mkay?  I’m gonna talk a little bit about a date.


Great date is the whole package and the kit and caboodle.  It’d been a while since we’d gotten together and it was BETTER.  God he’s just the cat’s pajamas.  He is so goddamned fun to talk to and kiss and cuddle and well.. fork.  We started out talking over coffee, which is really one of my favorite things in life.  We talked about all kinds of real stuff… poly stuff, fear of rejection, falling in love, testing people, break ups, craving community.. just lots of REAL stuff.  I love conversations like that.  I was sitting there, enjoying the conversation of a brilliant man and just marveling at finally seeing his face again.

Justin Hillgrove, Imps and Monsters

Justin Hillgrove, Imps and Monsters

We walked around after, holding hands and being just cute.  I took him to my favorite gallery, hoping he’d just kind of hang for a minute and put up with my love of the art so I could maybe pick up another quick book about outsider, low brow or gothic art (a new love).  He surprised me with his mutual art love!  He talked about the light and technique and influences of some of the art.  Amazeballs.  Isn’t that just the best?  Discovering new and wonderful layers to a person you already think is just the god damned butter?  I would have been super happy just to have him express a tiny interest in it.  I think he actually had as much fun as I did.

We then wandered a bit, still goofy and holding hands, and finally headed back to his place for cuddling and canoodling.  His girlfriend was there and it was really fun talking to her too, because she totally rocks.  The girl has a bookshelf full of some of my favorite books.  Awesome.

There was much cuddling and canoodling, some sharing of music (seriously.. he likes electronica?!?!) and more awesome conversation and cuddling and canoodling.  God he’s hot.  I like his body and mind and soul.  He is just simply a decent human being in a hot guy’s body.

I am one lucky lucky girl to have such amazing people in my life.

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