Weekend Plans

The only thing that could make this weekend better is if I were getting to see Roller Girl.  I miss her.  It’s gonna be a great weekend though.  I am excited and I don’t care if I have a cold.  Tonight I have a date with my husband.  The gym, sushi, and time with Hubby.. good stuff.  Always.  You can not beat a classic great time with the hubby.

Thursday I get to spend time with Great Date!  I didn’t think I’d get to, but I do.  Thank cancellations and last minute moves.  I can not wait to hold this guy.  It’s been a long difficult week and I crave his big broad chest and warm arms.  (Not to mention his lovely kisses).  I am very very very eager to show him my home and just get some good time with him.

Friday I get to go to Belltown artwalk and share my favorite gallery and coffeeshop with Kinky Boy and his girlfriend.. hence forth known as Firefly Gal.  I’m pretty damn excited about it actually.  I don’t know how everything will go on this date, but I’m happily willing to see what happens.  We’ve built a nice little fledgling friendship and are just gonna kinda see what happens.

Saturday is Traveler.  My first overnight with Traveler.  He sent me this picture of him, naked and laying on the bed face down, and his luscious back and his great little hiney were showing.  He’s a complex guy, so hard to define and so much fun to be getting to know, but there was nothing complex about that lovely view.  I can almost feel the warmth of his skin.  I asked him 3 random facts and he said that he speaks cat.. meaning he sometimes meows and hisses.. which is so weird because I do too.  He has flown over a million miles on a carrier, and he secretly likes Yanni music.  I’m overlooking the Yanni because I think he also purrs.


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