what do you do with leftovers when you are left with it being over?

Kinky Boy and I work together and today is the first day at work post break up.  He’s here, about 3 feet from me, on my left, facing the left side of my face.  Oh yeah.. that’s why we shouldn’t fuck around at work.

It’s pretty amicable so far.  We went and got a coffee this morning and talked just a tad.  I’m glad we broke up and I don’t miss being with him as much as I thought I might, but yeah.. it’s a little sad.  I’m not sure what to do with all the detritus from our short lived relationship.

What do you do with what’s left over when you are left with it being over?

We hid aardvarks in each others desks and such because we can’t kiss or be mush monsters at work and I keep finding goddamned aardvarks and I’m not sure what to do with them.  I can’t throw them away, but I can’t just leave the ones that are up where I have to stare at them.  I’m thinking about sequestering them in the back of one of my drawers.  What do I do with all of our pics on my phone and all of his messages?  I guess I’ll put the pics on my computer somewhere and delete them from my phone.

We’re being pretty mature and hopefully we’ll revert to coworkers and friends.  I’ll still see him when I go on dates with Roller Girl because they live together, and I’ll see him at work obviously (though thankfully only 3 days a week).  It’s a new thing for me to break up with someone I still love because they aren’t right for me and to try to keep them in my life in a good way because they’re pretty much there regardless.  Transitioning.. hmm.. I don’t know bout that you poly people.. but I’m gonna try it.

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