Ahhh finally NRE

NRE, in case you don’t know, is new relationship energy.  Poly folks talk about it a lot and it’s both The Best Thing Ever and The Devil.  NRE is wonderful.  It’s the energy you get in a new relationship.  It’s first kisses and first fucks and first sleep overs and “You like music!?! What are the odds?  I do too!!”.  It’s giddy, fun, grinning, sending each other spotify tunes and rambly mushy emails and chatting and IM’ing and texting all day long.  It’s the magic of a new shiny.

This is also it’s danger, because it’s also hyper focus on the new shiny and losing sleep and talking incessantly about them.. much to your current partners angst sometimes.  It can be dangerous because it can cause you to attach in an unhealthy way to people that really aren’t actually a good idea to attach to, and in poly that’s a mess because a lot more people than just you are effected by your actions.  It can also make others feel un-special and ignored.  Some people get REALLY crazy with it and the message boards and blogs of poly folks are chock full of stories about just such train wrecks and coping strategies.

I’ve been reading them a lot and joining the ranks of the NRE bashers… everyone had NRE but me and nobody had NRE for me.  UNTIL NOW!!!

Great date said “I’m falling for you pretty slowly, or maybe not so slowly”.  God.  I was aflutter.  I said some mushy stuff and my heart was pounding and my chest was in my throat, but I was happy I choked something out.  Oh.. I have NRE and he has NRE for me.  I take back everything I ever said about NRE.  NRE is wonderful!


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