People are acting Crazy

Okay.. people are acting crazy.  I got a message from Roller Girl that said some planets or stars or whatever where aligning to do some shit and that I should guard my phone and bad crap or whatever.  (I love Roller Girl but I just don’t believe in astrology so I got her general warning but didn’t heed the alignment talk).

Okay.. maybe I should have.  Kinky Boy told me a couple of weeks ago that he doesn’t want to be my friend and doesn’t want to know me.  I was hurt and shocked at the time and then actually kinda pleased.  He’s acted increasingly crazy over all this mess with him and Roller Girl (yes, they still live together and are still broken up).  He’s literally acting crazy.  He’s now making weird eyes and falling asleep in meetings and therapy groups.  He’s spending time in the halls chewing his tongue, disappearing for long stretches of time, smoking like 15 cigarettes a day as he paces outside and speedwalking the other way when he sees me.  He is insane.

I bear him no ill will and honestly am amazed at how little I feel for him.  It’s sad to think that a friendship didn’t even come out of all of that, but I don’t want to be friends with the insano-boy he’s become.  That he feels the need to regularly spin on his heel and SPEED WALK the other way is just.. laughable.  Literally.  It makes me laugh.  He walked out of our office, accidently didn’t close the door when it bounced open, went to close it, saw me and fled, leaving it open.  Weird.  Weird.  Weird.  I have never once said one evil thing to him or acted weird after the breakup.  It was the most amicable breakup of my life.  We talked for hours every day as friends after the breakup, with me totally supporting him as he appeared to struggle to process things with Roller Girl.  Then when he suddenly didn’t want to be my friend or know me, I had a tiny bad moment that night, spitting on his office chair and then moving my bookcase a little so he could no longer stare at my face all day at work.  Then, everything was fine.  I came in Monday and we were regular coworkers who don’t know each other at all.  And now.. a couple of weeks later.. he’s a nutball.

Great Date also acted pretty damn uncharacteristic.  He has been posting like mad to social media and apparently, while drunk, posted a kinda arrogant and really misunderstood post that he was totally LAMBASTED for.  It was kinda nuts.  I showed a couple of friends who agreed it was an arrogant and probably unwise post, but didn’t see the need for the ire.  My husband agreed that he didn’t understand people getting quite that upset except that maybe some of Great Dates posts lately have come off a little narcassistic, regardless of how Great Date actually is, and that maybe some people were upset at the volume of posts as well.  Anyway.. Hubby really likes Great Date and got that it didn’t seem to be being understood by the readers.  Holy hell broke loose.  There was like 50’some posts in a couple of hours about it.  Eek!~

The other weird part was ForensicGuy.  He made these long winded instigating comments, kinda calling Great Date out and riling him up and then tried to intercede when others jumped in and went way over the mark.  I was kind of amazed at how much ForensicGuy seemed to relish laying into Great Date.  He’s my friend and I was amazed he’d treat my partner that way.  I tried to talk to him today about the comments, and he was sorry to have upset or hurt anyone, and I think he and Great Date made peace with Great Date’s apologies, but what a mess!  Then ForensicGuy and I got into a huge argument at what I felt was his arrogant view -that he knew or possibly knew or could more accurately assess what happened with Great Date last night than I could when they’ve never met outside of social media and never had a conversation.  Fun.  Fun.  Fun.

I couldn’t let it go, got my hackles all raised, reacted to ForensicGuy’s raised hackles (though he won’t admit it), and we went around and around and around until I finally dropped it and then finally convinced him to drop it too.  We patched it up and I think we are good, but damn.

What a bunch of drama llama mess.

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