A quiet and wonderful weekend

I had a restful, quiet and wonderful weekend.  Roller Girl met up with us in the city for dinner and coffee.  We ate too much, laughed, and ended up snuggling in the back room of my favorite coffee place.  Perfect.

Great Date came for an overnight Saturday and didn’t want to leave any more than I wanted him to.  The date started early with a kind of odd send off.  We went to a meeting with my hubby (who was all kinds of snarky about totally unrelated stuff).  It was an OK meeting and the topic was oddly perfect for things Great Date has been talking about.  We then got back to my place nice and early, had a nice dinner at a local hangout, and had a wonderful evening of snuggling, Dr. Who, hot sex, loads of kissing, talking, eating dessert, and just.. good times.  It was both restful and relaxing and enticing.  We slept like logs (or I did as poor Great Date got a few z’s in here and there around my atrocious snoring).  It was a nice long date and so what I needed.  I got to watch him work on a music piece, getting a clue for his process or at least a tiny intro.  It was pretty damn cool actually to see what goes into making an electronica song snippet.  I just felt…content… to share intimacy, creativity, closeness, and more of our little lives with each other.  It was so damn perfect, and yes, I fell even more in love with him.  I think he’s one of the good ones.

Tonight I hung out with my hubby and our new poly friend at a potluck.  I loved the conversation and the help it gave Hubby in sorting things out.  Having some outside poly folk to talk with and seeing some examples of other older poly folks I think he put a lot of his lingering old little things to rest and confirmed that he’s in this for real.  He’s poly and he won’t pull the plug.  He’s been heading there for some time, but I think he needed some good reasoned stuff to help him kind of commit and come to terms with the fact that he is polyamorous now.

Sigh.  Just a good weekend.  Wish I’d seen Traveler, but not too worried about it.  We have a date next Saturday and this is a short week.  Good times.


  1. Question: how do you deal with juggling all your dates and relationships? As someone fairly new to poly, I am just starting out with dating (one couple then another woman) and everyone is making demands of my time! I’m married too, so obviously hubs needs some time too. How do you make it all work?


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