Great Date Rocks My Socks

I’m feeling all mushy like.  I had a surprise midweek-hey what are you doing-wanna see me-yes date tonight.

Great Date said, “Hey wanna go the spot (the local sex positive club) with me tonight?”  I did want to go.  Yay.

We met for Italian at this place we both love because it’s delicious, fairly cheap and really easy to get in to.  It’s a hole in the wall really, but it’s awesome.  In typical us fashion, we talked so wonderfully and easily.  We talked serious and laughed and skittered all over the place in conversation as we do.  I have to say I fucking love talking to this guy.  He’s funny and insightful and interesting.  It’s rare that I find people that I converse with so damn well on any of the areas we do and we do all over the map.  Isn’t that the coolest.. when you can just talk so easily and well?  That clicky clicky click of a new very exciting relationship?

I couldn’t stop touching him as I listened and talked either.  Our hands touching, our feet entwined under the table, stroking his arm, his palm, his knee.  I love this too, the can’t-get enough-of-you touching.  Sigh.  A mystery of human chemistry and soooo appreciated.

Then we had coffee and and hit the local sex positive club.  We were there about 5 minutes when I forgot anyone was there while we made out and got a little carried away on a couch.  His kisses fucking make me dizzy.  People, what people?  As we both got carried away.. him biting me and me grappling with him, giving him head, doing everything but begging him to fuck me on a couch, people were in little clusters here and there and all around.  Sadly it was quickly time to go and we had to cool down quickly and get to our cars so I could catch my ferry.  He is so exciting and sweet, kind and funny, sexy and intelligent, enticing and just.. wonderful.  I am sleepy and happy and just.. feeling good.  Guess who I have a date with tomorrow?  Yes.. Great Date!  We have tickets to a music show and I can’t wait to drink him in again.  He rocks my damn socks.

Okay.. so I wrote a gushing post about my boyfriend.. sue me.  I’ll try to be more broadly interesting if I blog tomorrow.  I promise.

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