Full Speed Ahead

I went and looked at the eggplant room (thus named because it’s a purple room in a victorian mini mansion).  It is a really cool room. 🙂

It’s got hardwood floors, a bunch of windows, big closets, a shared bath in a real kooky house, a pretty cool landlord who knows exactly why I want it, and it’s an artist’s home.  It’s crammed with antiques and such and is really eclectic and odd.  I totally dig it. 

I decided when I answered the Craig’s List add to just lay it out there and be honest.  If the person renting the place wasn’t cool with me or my lifestyle it was gonna be awkward anyway.  This way I don’t invest in a bad fit.  She was intrigued and said it sounds fine.  We met, got along, and after consulting with Hubby, Great Date, Roller Girl and Traveler, I’m in.

I’m stoked.  Don’t you just love the excitement of a new place?  I went by Ross and a cool local thrift store and stocked up on things I need and priced furniture.  I bought a really cute little desk and plan to refurnish it to be a vanity.  Awesome!

Soon Hubby and I will be in charge of our own destinies and can schedule however we like.  LOVE it.  It’s really close to my work, .4 miles from a cool urban walkable area, and it’s MINE.

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