Back to Now


I am back here, back in today.  I am in the moment, right here on my feet (err..well my ass at this keyboard).  I am enjoying today, right now, the present.  I am looking forward only a little… to this weekend.  I am looking forward to hugs and kisses and sweet sensuous touch.  I hope there are chocolate chip cookies and yummy coffees, pettings and growls and fun conversations.  I hope for warm skin and trailing fingers.  I hope I can lay, sweaty and sated, smiling and spent with him.  I hope I can touch and taste and feel my love until he shakes and I whisper “thank you”.

Right now, in this moment and this sweet little pocket of time, I am here.  And that is more than enough.  I want nothing of the far future or the distant past.  I just want to be here.

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