PhD is visiting

This is the week that PhD is visiting.  PhD has been a friend for about 11.5 years.  We met when Hubby and I were still dating and Hubby was living in Virginia, before Hubby and I got married and before I moved to Virginia, when I was there on a visit.  There was some talk recently of PhD and I potentially seeing if there was anything more than friendship there, but after a pretty good flirt and picture session it was decided that it’s just too difficult to transition from friends to anything else.  He is a perfectly wonderful person that I have loved for over a decade, but I’ve tried so hard to make him my anatomically-incorrect male friend because I was a monogamously married woman that I just can’t undo it.

I wanted to because frankly I love him.  I wanted to because he’s in a dry spell and it’d be fun to end that.  I wanted to because what’s more fun that stringless sex with a loving friend?  I’ve have such nice memories of things like that from the past.. friends I’ve been sexually intimate with, but I just can’t.

Thank god we didn’t totally fuck up our friendship trying though.  He’s coming to visit me and Hubby and I’m thrilled.  He’s an amazing friend and getting to spend a few days having fun and talking with him and showing him a bit of my city and my life is just.. awesome.  I really can’t wait for him to meet Great Date.  I’m glad PhD and I will still have our good conversation and our regular love.  I would HATE to lose him.  You just don’t get many friends like him in life and we’ve been amazing support for each other.  Honestly our lives are better because we’re friends.

It would have been fun to have a romp too, but it wasn’t in the cards for us. Eh.. my other excellent male friend has been in my life for 23 years and I never had sex with him either.  I don’t have anyone in my life that I’ve had sex with that I’m that close to or that lasted anything like that long.  God, it’s gonna be good to see him.  🙂  Aren’t friends just a joy?


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