It's the Century!!!

ImageI’m thrilled to say.. I just hit 100 followers.  That’s amazing to me and I’m so grateful.  I’d like to celebrate with your suggestions.   What do you want?

I started this blog a few months ago to talk about some of the crazy adventures I was having as my husband of 12 years and I opened up our relationship.  At the time I was dating 4 people and married and I really had no one to talk to about some of this stuff.  It was an outlet.

Then I found that I liked writing about all of this and I liked the community you gave me.  I started reading other people’s blogs, at first looking mostly at blogs of polyamorous people, and then finding other kinds of excellent blogs as they stumbled across me and I stumbled across them.  I have enjoyed this immensely.  I didn’t even hope that I would get this much community here, a thing I was craving.


I can’t thank you enough for your support and encouragement, your comments and likes and suggestions.  I just came here to have a place to write and post all of this.. maybe hoping one or two people would read it and that I’d feel less alone in this by putting it up where people could, even if almost nobody probably would, read it.


So, dear readers, followers, commenters, likers, and fellow bloggers.  I want to do something to celebrate, write a blog about something or post a pic of something.. but I’m not sure what to do.  Is there anything you would like to hear about or see?  I feel really honored to have had your time and would like to celebrate it.  Any thoughts or feelings on how?



    • My favorite soup is:
      Santa Soup

      The soup is simple to prepare and is very aromatic with the scent of the basil and the caraway seeds. Create a special tradition this fall by serving Santa Soup!

      2-3 32-oz containers beef stock; 32 ounces each (salted or unsalted or mix them both). I somehow always need more than the recipe called for
      3 tablespoons basil fresh, chopped (which I can never get somehow so dry is fine).
      2 cups of Water
      8 cups potatoes and sweet potatoes; 1 inch cubes or just potatoes if you prefer
      1 tablespoon caraway seeds
      8 cups Brussels sprouts; small, trimmed and cut in half
      4 cups ground sausage fresh and formed into 1 1/2 inch balls (or 3 pkgs of Italian sausage)
      1 smallish to medium sweet onion; chopped

      Fry the sausage balls on high heat in a dutch oven, stew pot or deep pan. After the first five minutes add 1/2 of the caraway seeds, onion and basil. Continue to fry another 5 minutes to add a dark edge to the onions.
      As soon as the onions develop a brown edge add a cup of the beef stock. Keep the heat on high and allow the beef stock to reduce. After the stock reduces to a syrup-like consistency add another cup of stock. Continue to reduce and add for 10-15 minutes or until the sausage balls are thoroughly cooked.
      While the sausage balls are cooking add the second container of beef stock and the water to a big ol’ soup pot. Bring to a boil. When boiling add the potato and sprouts and the remainder of the caraway seeds. Boil until the potatoes are mostly cooked through but still slightly firm.
      Add the sausage mixture to the pot with the potato and sprouts. Bring back to a gentle simmer and allow to simmer for 20 minutes to distribute the flavors. Add the remainder of the stock to taste or supplement with additional water if desired.

      Be sure to use small Brussels sprouts if you can. They tend to be more tender and less bitter, if not, eh.
      If you can’t get good sprouts you might substitute cabbage or spinach. Both vegetables will lift the taste and cut through the beef flavor.


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