The Weekend -Great Date

Because Nate is the coolest and Clara too, here is the deleted blog post.  Huzzah!

I haven’t been able to blog post as often I was as I would like so I kind of have a lot of my mind. First, let me follow it to the “honest and open” post. I had a really good talk with Great Date, who is frankly the person I wanted most to talk about that with. It’s him I feared most being honest with, and him I had to come clean to. To be clear, it wasn’t coming from him that I should be afraid to talk. It’s really from me. We are building something amazing and real and it still scares me on some level. The more I invest the more I have to lose, you know? But, in thinking about what I’m building with him I realized I wanted it to be…better. So I didn’t what poly folks always seem to recommend for all ills. I TALKED to him. He was very much on the same page. In fact, we even talked about some of our attractions, our thoughts, people he or I have talked on OK Cupid with… it was good good to come clean. I think he was relieved. It is going to take work but it seems like we are both willing, and I’m very very pleased.

Then we had some fun. I’m still somewhat limited in using my hands, but we were able to make out a bit, which pretty much always gets me going. Strange fact of human chemistry is that his touch and taste and scent just get me going. It seems to have a similar effect on him, as I quickly notice his straining cock. He has s fairly long and really fat cock, and something about it in my hand is just so damn pleasing. It’s like a little surprise each time. I like to grab it and give it a good squeeze, loving the little beginning growly sound he makes and the anticipation of it for me. I was just able to grasp it for the first time since my accident. Hurray for elbows that bend and straighten some again. (I broke my elbow and am healing). When I squeezed him I got a little pre-cum and gave it a taste. Another bit of chemistry is that he just tastes so good to me. I slid down to taste him more and got totally carried away giving probably the most fun no-handed-head of my life. I can’t explain it. I like sucking cock, but this was just.. delectable. I wanted to do it for hours. I just had fun, tasting him and exploring him, reveling in the obvious effect it had on him. I felt powerful and sexy. He was mine and his body was responding to me, letting me play him. Both of us were completely carried away, and we ran upstairs, stumbling and crashing up the stairs. As I went to climb in the bed he grabbed my pants and pulled them down and off in a flash, already free of his, grabbed my hips and fucked me wildly from behind. It was so unbelievably hot to just be taken like that, and to slam back into him, syncing with his movements. Good God almighty. Afterwards I was embarrassed to have been so far gone. He ended up actually reassuring me that it was okay, and in fact hot to bring me to that place. He LOVED how hungry I had been for him, loved my bliss and my abandon.

My favorite part though, the feeling of afterglow and intimacy talking afterwards in our underwear with pie. I love that perma-grin his naughty sex and sweet love give me.

In the morning we marveled at the lovely evening, laughing and kissing in the shower. I felt happy and relaxed all day, and relished the memory of the night before as I read his own blog post about it. God.. the mere thought of it had gotten me going all day.

We finished out the weekend a few nights later having dinner with Hubby, enjoying good company over bad tapas and culminating in Greek dessert. We played hours and hours of World of Warcraft and had our usual 40 million texts and such. If I wasn’t dating him I’d want to be his best friend just to talk to him.

Yeah.. just a little of what’s on my mind..

Are you getting tired of hearing that Great Date rocks my world?


  1. I am not getting tired of hearing that Great Date rock your world…I find it very interesting and fun. I find your confidence and security in yourself very sexy and inspiring.
    P.s I love your picture of your high heels and tattoo, I thought about doing that myself, I have a really nice tattoo and a sexy pink pair of high heels. That is if you would not mind.


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