Popping the Cork and Finding it Sweet

It’s midnight here and Great Date just left for home after a lovely lovely date.  I’m feeling good.. mellow, happy, relaxed.  I knew before he came that he would not be staying and I didn’t like it but I accepted it.  My playspace room isn’t ideal, and to be honest I still think it’s a little silly not to stay, but also I see that it is his right  to choose to leave, and right now I’m just feeling so happy about where things are that I don’t mind a little time to write a little blog and cozy up with Netflix alone.

Hubby wanted me to vacate so he and Roller Girl could have a date tonite because her week is shaping up like that and I was pretty happy to be able to do so.  Broken arm and thumb healing, and NOT needing surgery (a fact I learned today), and I am finally able to do enough self care things to be able to go to the playspace.

So, Great Date and I snuggled and talked, had a little Italian, some pretty damn hot sex, and I bid him adieu.  In the realm of honest and open.. we navigated another milestone.  It was hard.  I’m not going to lie, but I just threw it out there.  There is a guy I’ve been chatting with on Ok Cupid’s dating site and we’ve decided to meet.  I don’t know if it’s really anything and it  may or may not be, but I decided to just be open and meet him.  I am currently only dating Great Date and Traveler, and while that certainly keeps me busy enough with Hubby too, I think I have time to explore and be open just a little, certainly if the person is already poly and busy too, as this guy is.   I don’t have a cute name for him yet, but he seems like a really decent guy.  He’s been married and poly for about 4 years and has a daughter.  He’s very into roller derby with his wife and daughter (I’m guessing a second older daughter from his wife).  He’s pretty cute, with wicked tattoos on his arms and he may be too cool for me.  He likes to go out a lot and I like to go out, but not all the time.  I’m cool in my own way I guess.. but I’m not “hip” and he seems to be.  He contacted me though, so he must like something.

I told all of this to Great Date and you know, it went really well.  I think he was honest about his feelings, about me getting a little closer to Traveler and making this coffee meeting and I think that was okay.  I was honest and reassuring and he was honest too and it was good.  He also let me know that the hot young girl he’d previously dated contacted him asking for moral support and he’d been there for her and I was good with it.

I have ZERO doubt that he and I both will have to process feelings  and talk more about this stuff as it comes, but I have to say I am excited that we’re doing it.  He is just… so damn special to me and so irreplaceable.  I was constantly in awe of him tonight.. how real and sincere he is.  As he told me of things he’s struggled with recently, addressed that really old tape little kid knee-jerk reaction stuff I just listened.. well.. with awe.  He said all those little things my mind whispers in dark times.  He just said it out loud and freely.  He was dealing with that really deep “Am I unloveable” stuff.  He’s already processing it, and there was little I could add except to share how I related, but it was amazing to watch him uncovering and dealing with this stuff.

We popped the cork.  Things could be on the horizon and it really is okay.  I love Great Date and whether this new guy becomes a big great love or just a jerk over coffee is irrelevant to that.  Great Date’s a freak.. but just the right freak for me, and we are adding another “communicates openly and honestly about difficult topics and feelings” to our list of great relationship qualities.  Yep… the cork is out, and it’s sweet.


  1. Ya no surgery!! As your elbow heels more and more, start rubbing your triceps, when you feel spots that hurt stop and hold. those are trigger points that are activated, holding them will help release them. the triceps muscle is what causes the elbow to be in pain. Doing this will also help your elbow heal faster. Did you also say you broke your wrist or fingers??


      • Not that is talent….The thumb is a Pollicis Muscle and will need some rehabilitation, which is something you want to do because as you already know without our thumbs life is a challenge that is really no fun. My advice to you now that you are healing is to find a good massage therapist in your area, one that is good at listening. Have her or him help you with the rehabilitation it is cheaper than physical therapy. I tell you this because I feel it is important. And it is something I actually know about. I am sorry I keep giggling about right elbow left thumb that my lady is pure talent…The problems with breaks is all the muscles around the break get pulled, pinched. Every muscle has trigger points and all the muscles around your injury’s will have active trigger points due to the stress of the injury’s. These trigger points will cause you pain in different areas. See 85% of our pain, were we feel the pain is not where the problem is. It is called referral pain. It is the messenger. That is why a good therapist that listens can be very beneficial to your recovery. Sorry I am not trying to preach, I just believe in holistic healing and the benefits it has…


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