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Had a nice quiet night at home tonight.  Hubby was studying and I got in some time with World of Warcraft and Great Date.  I’m really loving this game and the time it’s giving me with Great Date and Traveler.  At first it looked like it might be something we could all do, as Traveler plays with his wife and his ex, and a friend of theirs in NC.  I knew Great Date used to play and Traveler kept making it sound so fun.  Then Traveler mentioned this invite people thing when I could try it for free and we’d both get bonuses and stuff.  Yay!

I know.. it’s super geeky.  Shit.. poly and super geeky are synonyms, don’t you know?  See, I’m a pretty nerdy gal, but these poly boys.. WOW.  Thing is, some of this stuff is really really fun and it’s fun to be introduced to it.  I’ve been enjoying Doctor Who and Doc Martin on Netflix, and have come to love The Guild.  I’ve been having fun with strategy board games and shooting a little pool.  WoW is just another in a line of fun geeky introductions.  Honestly.. that’s one of my favorite things about poly.. the things and people it introduces me to.  It’s just a fact that we learn and are exposed to things differently by our intimate connections and I love this.  It’s kind of a central fact in Traveler and his wife’s life, and I’m totally seeing why.

It’s not just nerdy and fun pursuits… it’s all kinds of things.  It’s learning new things about parenting from Roller Girl and trying new kinds of sushi with Traveler.  It’s wonderful local Greek grinds with Great Date and learning about new Roller Derby leagues with this new guy.  It’s books I’ve never read with PhD and learning about metric century bicycle rides from Hubby.  I’ve been blessed in my life to have intimately known a number of people and to have been exposed in these ways to a multitude of things, and with poly I get to continue that even as I become serious and committed with those I love.  Being open to more connection is being open to more things.

It turns out we aren’t really all playing WoW together, Great Date, Traveler and I, but I’m having tons of fun playing with them anyway.  I’m learning a ton, having a lot of fun and spending time with people I care about.

For example, tonight I spent pretty much the whole evening hanging out, playing and talking with Great Date.  We don’t get that all the time, so it was pretty precious.  I’m kinda grooving on all of this.  I love fun new hobbies.

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