First First Date in a While

I met my latest OKC guy tonight for a coffee meetup.  He was very easy to talk to, funny, interesting and pretty cool.  He was shorter than I expected, but not dreadfully so.  He was cute.

We had this very easy conversation meandering from opening up to dating, to poly, to sex, to kinks, to food.. and it was nice.  He was nice.  It was.. meh. 

I still couldn’t tell really what it was at the end of coffee so I had dinner with him and over dinner realized we’re compatable on paper.. we share some pretty interesting kinks and we’re both poly and we’re a similar kind of poly.  We talk easily and have a similar humor, but I don’t know.  It just wasn’t there.

Isn’t that the weirdest, when you just don’t feel it?  I don’t know if part of it was that I was almost afraid to feel it because of how things are with Great Date or how they are getting with Traveler, or if I just don’t have the room in my heart or heheheh.. my loins, right now, but it just wasn’t there. 

At the end of the date, after about 4 hours of fun non-stop talk we gave each other a chaste little peck by my car and I felt nothing.  Nothing but our lips touched and just for the briefest of moments. 

Talking about Great Date and Traveler, and him talking about his other girl just made me miss Great Date and Traveler and Hubby. 

Weird, this thing of human chemistry, ain’t it?


    • Yeah, I don’t know. Poly people talk a lot about the ebb and flow of attractions and lots of people kinda close up for a while in their groovy falling in love times. I think I’m just really happy and really satisfied, so it’s harder for someone to be really appealing right now. A guy/gal that is kinda interesting has less of a chance than someone who is really WOW. Back when I was dating a lot, seeking partners, this guy would have interested me more and I would certainly have gone out with him again to explore what if anything was there. Right now I’m not looking but just kinda being open, so not really feeling it right away, I probably won’t go on another date with him. We’ll see.


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