Search Terms

Here are all the search terms people used to find me lately.  I figured I’d share ’em.  Guess which one is my favorite?

Poly dating Seattle/polyamory Seattle /Seattle poly dating


                Yes, there is a great deal of poly dating in Seattle.  We have a large and active community with potlucks, meet-ups, shindigs, socials, game night s, and of course.. good old OK Cupid.. the dating website of choice for poly folk.  I like to make fun of certain polyamorous events.

Poly Bowling-  Do they throw more than one ball down the lane?  Do they switch teams after frames?

Poly Dancing- You don’t get nearly as hot and sweaty because of all the talking between songs.

bandage use for sex

Hmm.. sounds kinky.  I like it.  I’m imagining a sort of bondage/mummy play?

What is bandage sexual /sex bandage

Image                I think I’d recommend that non fluffy, non-shedding kind of gauze for either male or female, and maybe some of that easy peel bandage tape.  Stay away from that plasticy skin tearing medical stuff!

who made gimp medicine  


I’m not sure who made gimp medicine.  There’s been oodles of quacks though.  I mean.. who was  the guy who invented Lysol for douching?  It’s true.  They made Lysol for douching.  Eeek!

polyamory metamour/ metamours meeting


             A metamour is a partner of your partner, or your lovers lovers, or whatever you call what you are doing and the people  you aren’t doing it with that are doing it with the people you are doing it with.  Usually when you meet you find that they are kinda cool people because someone who you really like often likes people you really like.  It’s weird but true.

I am poly    

Image Yay!  Me too!  Welcome to poly.  It’s a lot of work and soooo damn rewarding.  Here is the quick and dirty.. talk a lot, practice safe sex, be honest, and  talk some more.

“non-monogamous” “happily married” husband      


I’m not sure how I feel about the quotations and hope it was just to help you find whatever you were looking for about happily married non-monogamous husbands, and not some weird “I doubt it” kind of thing.  I know some very nice happily married non-monogamous husbands.  I like to think I’m married to one.  When his friends give me crap about resisting “letting” him get a fancy car, and tell me that I should let him have some fun, I smile slowly and think.. you have no idea.

most ridiculous&bizarre orgasm ever  


I’m not sure I qualify for that title.  I cum pretty regularly if you ask me.  I say “yes” and “oh god” a lot.  I’m told I agree a lot, faithfully.  I also make some more strained sounds when you really get me going, or so I hear.  I did have a roommate who made this little girl ooh sound, repetitively and rhythmically no matter what kind of sex she was having the entire time.  It never changed.  I have no idea if any of her partners actually thought she enjoyed sex, but it sure didn’t sound like it to me. I thought that was ridiculous.

hot sexy poly girls with big waist

Image    I like your thinking.  Did you find any?  I don’t know that I’m super into big waists, but if they’re hot and sexy.. eh.. why not?  I like a girl with a little curve to her, and personally prefer a nice set of hips myself.

 huge baby doll fisting

Image Yikes.  Are you fisting the.. or the.. (scratches head).  I dunno.   Either way.. use lube and go slow.  Get her really excited and make your hand into a snake and pull it out that way too.  Form the first when you “hit bottom”.  If you struggle, maybe turn it just a little.

kinky boy            Eh.. I’m gonna skip that pic.

I used that term to refer to a manipulative asshole.  I’m taking it back though.  We’ll call HIM something else.  I do like kinky men.  They get all creative.  Niiice.


  1. LOL! Poly Bowling!! Thanks for that, I needed it… 🙂
    Good to hear you are healing up too btw. I would imagine the lack of intimacy/sex might have been the most painful thing about it. (just joking of course; I can’t even imagine how traumatizing that must have been!)


    • I was back in commission sexually after about two weeks. I kinda sucked as a lover, because I couldn’t use my arms or hands and could pretty much only lay on my back or my left side. Lol. M getting better dramatically fast though. You’ll have to ask Great Date how much of a handicap it’s been though. 🙂
      In all seriousness, I’m extremely lucky.


  2. I have two questions for you and I really wish our blogs had private message capabilities. 1. I just started talking to my first metamour. She’s my partner’s local girlfriend who is monogamous and struggling with jealousy. She turned to me to see if I could help. Have you ever had a monogamous metamour?
    2. In any of your relationships with poly guys, have you ever thought about how the female and male experiences differ? For instance, my partner has been dating a monogamous girl for awhile now. But the traditionally monogamous men I date usually scatter after a month or so. I’m curious if you’ve thought about this and if you have any insight?


  3. Teehee. Thanks for sharing this! I love the things people search for and then find my blog. So many of last year’s posts were titled after Shakespeare quotes I think I’ve had my fair share of english lit majors looking for further reading material ha ha.

    “male friends get together for a casual naked day” led someone to my blog apparently. Wow… I must have missed that post…


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