I like sexy geek girls

I attended Emerald City Comicon today with Great Date.  Huzzah! 

Thank God he caught me oogling a really cute butt this morning over coffee at his local Starbucks.  He straight up busted me, or at least I thought he had, and I’d been embarrassed to be caught.  Turns out he didn’t know what I was reacting to and I outed myself.  Whatever.

Much fun butt-oogling ensued, with us perving on all the fine women and strange lack of good looking men.  It was just really freeing.  Thank God too.. because Comicon was full of really hot geeky sexy chicks!  The people watching alone was phenomenal.

I was shocked to find an artist I love there and an online comic artist I’ve loved for years.  I’m not really a big comic geek, but damn I should be.  The art is amazing!  There is an artist, Justin Hillgrove, you must check out! 


I miss him.  This is the hard part of all of this.  We both have lives and can’t just spend all the time together we want to.  It was amazing to spend that time with him in his world, and I love the time he spends in mine, but it’s limited.  This weekend we spent a little time in OUR fledgling world.  I had a birthday and did what I always like to do.  I get together with my loved ones and have a nice dinner.  We laugh and eat too much and generally have a good time. 

Hubby brought RollerGirl and I brought Great Date.  My friends were there and saw that the world hadn’t melted.  They’ve been supportive but mildly dubious and it was nice for them to see that these were regular loving people.  My friends said Great Date was really cute and they said RollerGirl looked a little like Drew Barrymore (which she totally does).  🙂  A good time was had by all. 

Afterwards we went back to his new place.  It was AWESOME.  We had time and nobody was coming there to surprise us or weighing in on stuff.  The home itself is really really nice and it was so cool to be there and to dream with him about the things he’d like to do.  He’s picked really cool stuff and has a very cool vision.  It was nice to imagine watching all of that take place and getting to christen it with him. 

So.. a lovely birthday dinner, an evening of bliss, beautiful dreams and plans, and a Comicon complete with girl watching.  My favorite bit though.. it was grocery shopping and stopping at Home Depot, doing all those little domestic things, and just having a bit of a daily life.  Good times!



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