Search Terms.. gotta love em!

Image  negotiating with your partner ethical non monogamy   

Well.. I’d like there to be an easy answer for this one, but there ain’t. You gather info and educate yourself.  You share the info with your sweetie and be as honest as possible about it.  Lying and evading don’t help sell the idea that your sweetie has nothing to worry about.. they instill worry.  Plus, if you’re going to be poly you better get really used to telling the truth.  If you’re sucessful, you’ll grow to love it.

compersion and open marriage

Compersion is awesome.  It’s taking joy in someone’s joy.  It’s feeling awesome at your partner’s happiness and it’s god damned wonderful.  I thought it was bullshit, but I’ve felt it quite a few times now and find it totally lovely.  It’s like falling in love yourself, without the pesky worry.

Image  polyamory gifts

More love.  More sex (sometimes).  More openness, honesty, truth, vulnerability, dates, stuff to do, people to call, things to remember, reasons to have google calendar.  More.  You can find cute stuff here.  T-shirts and whatnot:  I wish there were greeting cards.

it ain’t always about intimacy

No.  It ain’t.  For pure polyamory (according to what?  or whom?) it is about love and the openness to love, but yeah.. I’m not always just about the love.  I like the sex and the laughs and the shared time too.

Ok.. that’s it with the serious ones.

Image  bonding date

See… you take them some place private, or to the center.  You get a length of rope, or maybe some glue, or chains, or straps.. oh.. whatever.. bind them already!

I don’t like my metamour            

Get a voodoo doll.  Get that loser!  Attack!  Really?  What’d you think the web would say… how to hide the body?  Actually you CAN find that on the web.  But really.. you know what to you.  Be nice.  Be polite.  Minimize contact or give up on the person you are dating.  Poly people are complicated webs of association and it’ll go way easier on you if you learn to get along.

seattle poly photographer

He or she uses lots of cameras?
And a zillion questions about fisting.  Image

fisting versatile -Hmm.. I like the sound of this.  I wish I had the answer.  If you find out, lemme know?! 

Girls that are into fisting in seattle -this would be every girl that’s tried it I imagine.  It’s AMAZING.  We can’t all do it and we can’t do it all the time.. but just trying.. oh.. meow.
How to put your whole hand in a vagina, I put the whole hand into the vagina, fisting whole hand inside, stick your whole hand in her – I like your thinking.  Lube.  Go slow.  Collapse your hand like a snake to insert and pull out.  It it’s difficult, pause a second, maybe turn it a little.  Get her very excited.

how to collapse a hand for fisting      -like a snake.   Image 

putting whole hand in during sex  -same as above. Unless.. wait.. you mean having your whole hand and your… oh my gosh.. that sounds like it’d hurt.  Well, if you both like it.. start with making your hand into a snake…

making love by whole hand inside –I’m not a giant fan of the whole making love idea.. I like connected and unconnected sex and fucking.  But.. if you gotta be all emo about it, light some candles.  Go slow.  Gaze deep into her eyes while you make your hand into a snake…

Nude Man in a Backbendbackbending and fisting her  -That sounds kinda versatile!  Thanks for the tip searcher!
my body needs good balm of sex  -mmm.. yes.  I like your thinking.  Mine too sometimes.  What a stress reliever.

bandage use for sex, bandige sex, sex bandage at office, bangage sex, sex bandge -What is with you people and bandages with sex.. in the office too, huh?  I can think of a few uses.  Mummy play?  Gag?  Blinder?  Bondage?  Stuffing?
find a person for 3some sex in seattleI personally like OK Cupid and swinger sites.  Adult friend finder and fetlife might be nice too.  Or ask people you are already sleeping with.  Go to a swinger or poly social.  Be honest about what you want.

how to have threesome in seattle   Same as everywhere else.  Get two friends, lover, acquaintances or professionals to join you.

strange threesomes pick weird friends.TheCastonThreesome_E
hurt because of threesome –Use tiger balm or other sorts of sports cream?  Take an aspirin?  Talk about it?  It ain’t all fun and games.   Sometimes we’re human.

poly threesomes  -a threesome where the people are poly.  duh.  (same as others but more talking)

casual threesomes –ask casual friends

narcissist trying to force me to have threesomes -tell them no for crimey’s sake.   coerced threesomes are really really sucky. 

slut shaming threesome -aww.. definitely tell them no, unless you agree to it and like that kinda thing.

I got a slew of Morgan Freeman searches.  I’m sure he’s thrilled when people google him I will now come up in the mix.  Hehehe.

The condition where you read everything in morgan freeman’s voice – freemanaudioitis

Morgan Freeman’s life before he was famous  -He wasn’t discovered till he was in his late 50’s.  It was long.

Morgan freeman’s hand 2012 -umm.. what?

And then there are just the odd…
proud slut bi poly  I want to say I don’t know what you’re looking for.  Damn.  You found it.  Hi!

slut number  -Is this like a sleep number?

electrikkiss   –Do not kiss electric things… unless you’d like a shock..?

crazy llama pics


drama llama -a lover/creator/spreader of DRAMA!

cave mousei have a cave mouse pussie  -pretty specific varmint there.  eww.

widest and stretchiest pussy – I’m not sure they’re competing for that…

yoga poly seattle okcupid lady  OK Cupid is FULL of granola chicks like that. Holy crap.  When you Google images that I know some of those women.  WoW!  And why does this come up when you Google that in images?

wtf cat

And he is talking to me mushy -aww.  I think he likes you.  I don’t like SAYING mushy things, but I love hearing them.  Bring it this way!

“love is infinite.  Time and energy are not”  -you my dear are preaching to the choir here.  So.  Damn.  True.


  1. Damn, my search terms are so tame… having quoted Shakespeare for a lot of blog titles I seem to get a lot of literary students trying to find out what the hell Shakespeare means. Yeah, he meant polyamory. In all of it.
    Ironically, I could actually write a post about how to understand Shakespeare…


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