Dick Pics and Couple Time

I’m off to a date, so I’m posting just a quickie.  Mmm..  a quickie.  I’m in rare form today.  Great Date is going to GET IT TOMORROW FOR THIS.

I took some lovely pics of Great Date, err well.. Great Date’s thick and pretty bits, and sent them to Naughty Blogger Gal, who liked them.  She pretty much rocks.  He pretty much rocks.  We pretty much rock.

So.. the conversation was pretty easy.  We are proceeding with great caution in adding casual partners.  We are both poly, of course, and therefore I don’t be surprised if he dates (I’m not looking for serious full on partners right now), but we are putting a little “hold it!” on adding new casual playmates.  It was both relieving and kinda odd.  I felt bad and don’t want to limit him.  I like that freedom so damn much and I just don’t in any way want to intrude on his either.  Of course I didn’t ask him not to add playmates, and we will revisit it any time one of us wants to, but we’re slowing down.   We decided it’s not that we can’t add casual playmates, but we are choosing not to add solo playmates.

We are open to playing with new casual partners together but not alone.. just for now.  We are both working on being a little more secure and taking this all slowly.  What we are building is fucking awesome and neither one of us is at all hurting for fun sexy times.  In fact, we’ve been a Freaking-Catagory-6 Tornado of sexiness.  We are getting offers from couples and singles and if it weren’t for pesky life intruding, we’d be fucking the crap out of naughty blogger gal and naughty blogger guy.  Fingers, Toes, Legs, Arms, Ankles crossed.. please Dear God Please….(By the way.. FU life!). 

So… we had another wonderful night.  Great food, great fun, snuggles, loves, kissing, kink, and I have the pics to prove it!  I’d post them, but I didn’t ask, and the ones of me didn’t turn out.  We were a little busy having fun making them and might have to work on our camera skills in the heat of the moment. 

Then today, OMG, my ride into work talking with Naughty Blogger Gal just got me going.  We share even more kinks than I knew.  Mmm.. a girl like me.  Wonderful.  I told Great Date all about it and got carried away on our own sexy conversation.  Turns out WE share some kinks that haven’t come up yet. 

         Oh. God. Yes.


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