Fuck me running

Just got off the phone from my husband yelling that I fucking trapped him. He moved his Saturday date w roller girl to Sunday, so I asked if he’d get a chance to see her, maybe meet her for dinner tonight. He said he’d like to have dinner w her and I said to have fun. Then he says she’s coming all the way to our house for this dinner and that she’ll probably go home if she feels like it. I asked “if she feels like it?” Admittedly with attitude. He did sneak her over 2 days ago and lied about it.

He screamed at me to go fuck myself.. Just like that. He said I was a fucking bitch for trapping him. Trapping him into what? I asked him and even he didn’t know. He said I’m “getting into into his shit too much” and I should go fuck myself. So I can add asking if Roller Girl will be spending the night on non-date nights to the long ass list of shit I can’t talk to him about. Those Capitol Hill one-bedrooms are looking better and better. Seriously, who in their right mind would stay? I get that he’s upset about fighting with her, but I’m no ones punching bag.

Fuck that.

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