THIS is why I won't fuck cheaters

So.. as many of you know I’m kinda open to the idea of a casual play partner for some fun sexy activities.  I opened our Adult Friend Finder up again and I pretty much always keep my OK Cupid site open.  I’m not seeking more relationship partners because I feel pretty happy with Hubby, Great Date and Traveler, but I am open to occasional fun sex and friendship. (Well.. Hubby and I might not be so happy right now, but you know.. we’re working on it and anyway dragging anyone new into things would be unkind).

Having said that, I keep OKC open because I like the idea of keeping the door open to romantic possibility.  You never know if something amazing would pop up.  There is something about remaining open to new possibility that just seems right to me.

So.. a cute guy popped up.  I liked his profile and his message to me, so I wrote him back and we started talking.  He was being really cagey, as in only available to talk during these really specific times and very secretive.  Then he says he can only meet one day per week during a weekday and that he has to be home early because he gets up at 430 am.  He can’t communicate when his girlfriend is around (which is odd) and plans chats only when she’s not coming over, which appears rare.  Hmm..

cheater 2So I Googled him. 

Yikes.  One of the first things that popped up was his write up on  Now, granted, we’re open and that often goes hand in hand with a history of cheating.  It’s unfortunate but true.  I myself cheated on pretty much everyone I’ve ever dated.  But this was extraordinary.  The level of deception and lying and general ass-hattery!  He clearly didn’t learn from these experiences and did them time and again.. and is probably doing so now  since it’s all a big secretive thing.

cheaterHe told women on Craigslist that he was gay and looking for his first female and that his wife had been in a bad accident and he was looking for a little “solace” because he loved her and wouldn’t leave her.  Wow.  Pretending to be gay?  Kinda fucked up.  It’s even weirder he was busted doing it by three separate women, that we KNOW OF.  These are just the ones that found his cheaterville write up and commented.

Super classy.

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