You mean you can actually massage with that thing?

Great Date and I made a lovely lovely discovery.  We were both feeling a little tired, but a little randy.  I have this fetish for male masturbation.  I always have.  I just love to watch.

masturbationThere’s something very sexy about getting to observe as he strokes himself, watching him get more excited, maybe helping just a little.  Often his eyes are closed and you can just soak him in, watch his body quicken and respond to pleasure.  You can see how he likes it, long and slow or short, fast, hard, light, grazing, gripping, whatever.  I like everything about it.  I love watching him respond and watching his nerves settle as he becomes more into what he is doing and less aware of me watching.  I like how at first it might make him just the teeniest bit apprehensive, but after a while he settles in and LIKES letting me watch, performing for me.  It’s a private porn show just for me and each time is a little different.  I like the growly sounds and the ragged breath.  I love his pre-cum.  There is just something really enticing about it.  I like watching his body flush and his free hand grasping the sheet.  I like watching his body stiffen and his cock swell, and I love the moment right before he cums.  I like the almost surprised look his muscles make and then.. I love to watch him orgasm.  It’s such a show, watching a man come!  Sometimes it shoots and erupts and other times it flows like rushes of lava.  I love watching his balls constrict and holding them just while he ejaculates.  Amazing. 

Great Date likes to indulge my little fetish and I have to say he’s amazing at it.  It’s kinda hard to make him come, so he stands ready for as long as I need him to, which is also lovely because I orgasm more through penetration than external stimulation.  So, often he’ll fuck me breathless and then perform for me.  Amazing!

One of the drawbacks to this particular fetish is that it’s generally meant I have to get them to do it early in the evening, because that’s the easiest orgasm and then wait until they can go again.  This is a little frustrating because it turns me on so much to watch.  That or I have to have them fuck me first and finish this way, which is really hard to do for some guys.  I’m pleasantly surprised to find that Great Date is really willing to indulge me, and since he can so easily just hold off, I can come and come and come and then watch my erotic show.  Lovely.

So, on our last date, with both of us tired, he asked if I would watch him and masturbate.  I have to admit that I have never, in all my years of asking men for this fantasy, had a man ask me to masturbate too.  I can’t come with just my hand and require a toy or assistance.  So, while I would occasionally let my own hand wander, I have never masturbated to completion for or with a man, and Great Date specified a toy.  He specified his lovely Hitachi Magic Wand.

hitachiThat thing is just.. holy crap.  Like most women I have to sort of tease myself with it or I end up having these quick and then over orgasms.  He’s pretty amazing, because even right after coming he just jumped right in and helped, well.. took over.  It was delicious.  He gave me some of the penetration I sometimes crave and teased and played and let me come and build again and again till I had to stop.  Amazing amazing amazing.

Then he did something totally crazy.

While I was still tingling all over from coming, he had me roll over.  I was so pleased and lethargic I just did it when he told me to lay on my stomach.  I had tingles all up and down my limbs and all my nerve endings were just humming happily from my orgasm, and then he put the wand on the sore muscles of my shoulders and neck.  Delicious!

Hilariously I didn’t ever think of using that thing as an actual massager.  In my mind it’s just a sex toy, though of course it’s a powerful personal massager.  I’ve said personal massager 400 times but never registered the fact.  I also said it like a tonge-in-cheek allusion to being a sex toy.  It’s a fucking amazing massager!

hitachi2He took his time, working the massaging head with varying speeds over my entire body, making me moan with pleasure at some areas and giggle uncontrollably with others.  I melted and floated and sang with pleasure in every inch of my nervous system.  I was pretty sure that nothing could give me as much pleasure as the screaming orgasms he gives me, but I may have been wrong.  Okay.. maybe not that much pleasure, but it’s close to that maybe.

In the morning I ordered one.  I knew it was an amazing sex toy, but finding what it could do to the sore muscles and headache I carried.. huzzah!

Who knew you could actually massage with that thing?

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