The Dating Pool Needs to be Bigger

Recently the same guy hit on Roller Girl, Me AND Great Date.


The Garden of Earthly Delights. Bosch.

(Roller Girl, Great Date and I all live in very different areas and are pretty diverse.  That and Great Date is straight.  For those not following the names, Roller Girl is my Hubby’s Girlfriend and my one-time Girlfriend.  Great Date is my boyfriend.)

Then, tonight, the wife of my boyfriend Traveler, rated the before-mentioned Roller Girl on OK Cupid with 5 stars.  (It’s a way of flirting on that site.)  How weird is that?  So, my ex-girlfriend, who is my husband’s girlfriend was able to say “my boyfriend’s wife’s boyfriend’s wife hit on me”!  True story.  That just happened.

The dating pool needs to be a lot bigger.


  1. Ugh…I totally get that feeling. I found out once my FWB was also the FWB of another woman, whose husband I was also seeing. And, the original FWB also was sleeping with my aunt, not knowing she was. Then, my aunt starting hitting on the husband of the other woman as well, not knowing we were seeing each other.
    And, when Husband and I started dating, he had an exFWB, i find out later that this was the same woman my ex boyfriend had cheated on me with. We live in a town of 350,000 people, how does this even happen?


  2. I agree with this hard core!!
    It is frustrating I would like to find another casual dating partner. But the only poly ones I know basically dated my father in law. I dated a person who tried poly for the first time, but it didnt work for her. so alas.

    I feel like it is difficult.
    Maybe I need a sign – Polly? Interested in the concept of poly? not a jerk?


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