Search Terms Again!!

So, these are the terms people searched to find me.  I deleted a few I’ve already addressed in previous search terms posts.  I hope you like them.

You mateimages

No, you mate.  I don’t really have sex on command.  Okay.. sometimes I do, for very special people.  🙂

non monogamy

Nonmonogamy Venn

Nonmonogamy Venn From

This is a relationship/sexual style where people are not monogamous.  Examples include things like polyamory, swinging, polygamous, open, and more.  There’s even a Venn diagram to try to understand some of the types of non-monogamy.

I told him I am poly

poly cuntGood, if you are in fact poly.  It’s a good idea to be honest about who you are when you can.  I am out now, but not everyone is and there are still some folks that don’t really know, such as some of my coworkers.  Telling someone you want to date that you are poly is a good idea as soon as humanly possible.  As Gavin and Shira Kats of Pedestrian Polyamory Podcast (available on i-tunes for free!) say.. “tell them as soon as possible, before you touch their junk.

Nerdy Seattle Poly Posse

Turns out I answered this one last time but this is a real thing.  It’s a group of people who seem to meet by invitation only somewhere north of Seattle.  Sigh.  I wish I was invited.

healing after threesome

use tiger balm!

i like sexy

ZooeyDeschanel0080Well.  Sure.  Who doesn’t?

Sexy Compersion Fantasies

Compersion is taking joy in your partner’s joy.. it’s feeling wonderful when they are falling in love or having great dates or great sex or whatever.  It’s lovely.  I actually do have a fantasy about this.  I dunno that it will ever happen, but I’d like to swap with another couple and take joy in watching my honey enjoy some great sex with someone else.  It’s kinda sexy to imagine.  🙂

compersionsexy couples

sexy coupleI like sexy couples too.  I see many of them are on Lifestyle Lounge and Adult Friend Finder and a few other sites.  I’m primarily Polyamorous, which means I am open to multiple loving romantic relationships at once, but I am also open, which in my case means I have some limited interest in swinging and other sorts of sexual situations.

open marriage blog

Well.  You found one.  Good!  If you’d like to find others, there are many of WordPress.  Look for blogs under the tags of open marriage, open relationships, ethical non-monogamy, swingers, polyamory, polygamy… ect.

See.. there is nothing new.  If there's a name for it, it existed before.

See.. there is nothing new. If there’s a name for it, it existed before.

couples dating couples

I guess that depends on your definition of dating.  If you mean hooking up or having sex, this happens fairly regularly.  I haven’t done it yet, but I’d like to.  If you mean a couple actually dating another couple, that’s called a quad.  It’s less common, but some people make it work.  Hubby and I dated Kinky Boy and his ex Roller Girl while Kinky Boy and Roller Girl were still living together and going places together and sleeping together, but saying they were broken up.  Then they reallllly broke up.  Holy mack!  I do NOT recommend this.

poly girls pussy

mangoIt’s like other girl’s pussies.  It’s sweet and lovely and tastes a little like mango.

i love poly pussy

Me too!

gotta love them vagina


pokemon vagina.. wtf?

What a trend of vagina friendly searches.  Good.  Pussies are lovely.

date night sexy time fun

Oh man.. there are soooooo many ways to answer this.  Date activities?  Sex activities?  Just fun stuff to do with people when you’re feeling sexy?  Hmm.. I wish I had more date activities to recommend.  I sadly do not.  I was monogamous for 12 years and didn’t really date date much before that.  I mostly just hooked up and had a few relationships.  I now started a list of cool stuff people mention so that when my dates wanna go do something and ask me what I’d like to do I have something to say besides “shoot pool” and “eat” and “fuck”.

adult friend finder

It’s a good site for some people I am sure, but it just didn’t work for me for what I wanted.  I turned off my renewal.

had a patient with a great looking penis


your patient’s cock is HUGE!

That is wrong.  That is really wrong.  Don’t take advantage of your patients.  It’s unethical.

nice penises

There’s an array of options for nice penises in my opinion.  I like them pretty much anywhere from 5″ or so to a max of about 7.5-8″.  I like them a little girthy, but I’m not overly picky.  Of all the attributes a lover can possess, this is relatively low on the totem pole.  Some of my best all time hall of fame lovers were actually kinda unendowed.  I think it’s maybe like the really pretty girl suck in bed thing.  See.. girls who are maybe a tiny bit less perfect looking try harder and don’t mind looking funny as much and are therefore way better in bed that the perfect princess who just looks good while she lets you plow her.  Men have hands and tongues and mouths and lips and noses and minds.. dirty dirty minds.. and those make sex wonderful.  It’s an anonymous blog and the only lover I have that reads this has a big fat cock.. so why would I lie?  Believe it.

“penises are great”

Yes.  Yes they are.  I’m so glad penis lovers can enjoy the blog too.  Penises are so much fun.

sex blog poly

I don’t always talk about sex.. sadly, but yeah.. this is a poly sex blog.  It’s also a poly relationship blog.  So, I write about sex, relationships, communication, feelings, fisting.. mmmm.. you get the idea.

why does fisting make me shake?

jolmvaBecause it’s fucking awesome and your nervous system is overloaded with intense orgasm neurotransmitters and sex hormones.  It’s fucking awesome.  You can actually pass out from coming too hard.  It’s lovely.

how do you fit your whole hand up your fanny

I have no idea.  Start with making your hand into a snake.. ?

i like to put my whole hand in my pussy

I’d like to too but I’m not that flexible.

sexy chicks on wordpress

I’ve been told my ass is pretty nice.  I hope you thought so too and you thought this was the blog of a sexy chick on wordpress.  😉

autocorrect for the poly set!

auto correct for the poly set!

And I’m sure Mr. Freeman’s people are excited to see even more questions about Morgan Freeman lead people to my blog.  🙂

how much does Morgan Freeman get paid to use his voice

I have no idea.  It’s probably a lot.

morgan freeman now you are a free man

Was someone holding him hostage?  And why did you release him with a search?  People are so weird.

Morgan Freeman’s voice with everything

Morgan Freeman’s voice with shrimp on toast, and fried things, and leather, and sex swings, and onomatopoeia.  Yes.. it’s silky enough to go with absolutely everything.

Laptop Morgan Freeman Voice


Morgan Freeman voice explained

Well, see.. the air passes over the vocal chords…

Why is Morgan Freeman’s Voice so perfect?

It is soothing, silky, authoritative and clear.  It is refined and wise sounding too.  It’s just the perfect blend of good stuff a voice can have.

floppy diskcute geek girl loves sex

Aww..  I’m glad you think I’m cute.  Yes, I am a geek.  And yes, I love sex.  😉

worlds sexiest geek babes

I’m sorry this led you here.  I KNOW I don’t qualify for that, but here’s a sexy geek girl for your trouble.

Uomini Forti

umm… I have no idea how he and I could ever be connected.  I’m a tough girl, but I’m not that tough.  Good grief.

uomini forti

Said he loves me and I didn’t say it back

Awww.. that sucks.  If you love someone, tell them.  If you don’t, be honest I guess.

Bumpy soul fire fucked sound

Umm.. what?  If someone I was having sex with made a bumpy soul fire fucked sound I’d freak out.  I’m not sure I would know that’s what I was hearing though.

I know too many details about my lover’s past

I know some people say this is impossible.  I think they are wrong.  I think you totally can know too many details.  It’s good to share about sexual history especially for sexual safety, but details aren’t all that necessary.

what has been seenNope, I’m sorry I’m more

I feel this way a lot.  I’m often worried I’m too much.  I’m working on that.

what is the character defect that i don’t stand up for myself?

Placating.  God I hate that word.  I’m so tired of talking about it.

milktoasthe calls me a force to be reckoned with

Good.  He get’s you.

you’d be a force to be reckoned with

I already am.  Remember?  I have used a grenade launcher and rode barrels and rappelled out of a helicopter.

metamour relationships

girlfriend's boyfriend

what do you want to bet they make her choose?

You love someone?  The people they love are connected to you whether you like it or not.  You don’t have to hang or be buddies, but it’s really a good thing if you all get along.

I want to fuck her on the plane

If she’d like that too….Go ahead!  Be safe.  🙂

airplane bathroomhaving fun without drinking

There are just so many ways to do this.  If you need to drink to have fun, you’ve got a problem.

broken heart with dry drunk

Yes.  Dry drunks are almost as heart breaking as wet drunks.  Alanon is a lovely program if you’d like to learn more or get support.  It’s not just for spouses either.

Planetary alignment off April 2013.  People acting crazy

Now that’s a weird search.

space hippies on Star Trek!

space hippies on Star Trek!

let me watch organism massage free

I love to watch male masturbation, but I’m not going to give them a massage to get them to do it.

fetish massage mean

That’s an unusual fetish.  You like mean massages?  Is that like super extreme tissue massage?


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