Sexy Mishaps!

Had those times during your sexy times that you gaffed and then laughed and laughed!?  Me too!  I figured I’d share a couple of funny gaffs in my sexy times and see if you’d share some of yours too.

I got this idea from the comments of a reader on one of my other posts.

I need a laugh, so I’ll show you mine.  Will you show me yours?  The following are injuries, scars, oops and whoops while having sex.  Good times!

1) My first is the explanation of a scar.  A dude named Tremaine (strapping Canadian fellow) has a scar right between his eyes that I accidentally gave him.  See, I was giving him head in my living room while my roommate was asleep.  I was really getting into it and he was really getting into it and we were kinda feeding off of each other.  It got pretty heated.  He was grabbing the carpet below him and grabbing around a little.. his body responding.. then he got stock still for a bit and I stopped and looked up.. his face was COVERED in blood.  He said “what.. oh man.. keep going…”.  I must have looked horrified because he suddenly seemed to realize he was bleeding and checked it with his fingers and realized his condition.  I jumped up and grabbed his shirt and was just pressing it to his head when my sleepy roommate entered and then screamed.  Apparently in our fervor we’d knocked over this tall wooden giraffe statue thing and the muzzle had hit him right between his eyes.  It had made a racket neither of us had noticed.  He’d known he was hit and it had hurt, but he’d been really liking that head.. so.. he’d kinda recovered.  The funniest part was that we were both still naked and laughing about this with my roommate for a minute before my roomy and I noticed his dick swelling.. looking at her and then me..

My roomie huffed, spun on her heel and stalked off.  I laughed.  “Wrong answer there hero.”  Dang.. I have to run.. well.. I’ll comment with more later.  Show me yours!!!


  1. Hubz on his back, getting an amazing blowjob (from Moi!)…

    Has an intense orgasm that leaves him sort of curling up into himself (think: crunches) with his release…

    Which results in cum shooting sort of…erm…upward/inward…

    Onto his face…


    Yeah. The Mister gave himself a facial. Complete with cum in the eye. Zouch! But…

    Baaa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! 😀


  2. I used to know a guy who was incredibly good looking, but, he had been in a really bad car accident at one point, which made his speech permanently slurred and he had a hard time walking/standing up straight. One night, I drove him to his parents from the bar (he had his own place, but it was way out of the way) and we started messing around. He decided to bend me over the hood of my car, which I was thinking probably wasn’t the best idea, but…sure, we can try. And then I heard a “thud”. He had fallen over and smashed his face on the driveway. So, I had to get my clothes all back in order, as well as his. He’s laughing with blood all over. I drag him into the house, put him in a bed, wander to the bathroom to look for a wash cloth or towel so I can clean up his face and see if he needs to go to the hospital. As I walk back towards his bedroom, his mom comes down the stairs, asks me who I am, I say “the bartender” explain what happened and why this strange woman is walking around and why i’m covered in blood. She runs into Greg’s room, and while I was looking for a towel, Greg had decided to get out of his pants, and was expecting me to walk back in, so when the door opened, he made a lewd comment. That was a fun night…

    Once I borrowed my dad’s truck for some reason. I did some shopping, and in the shopping bought some black lacy lingerie. Didn’t think much about this. Got back, thought I switched everything over to my car, went home. For a couple weeks, I couldn’t find this lingerie, I had begun to think that maybe I didn’t buy it. Until my mom calls me, crying, because she found black, lacy lingerie in my dad’s truck under the back seat and it wasn’t her size and he won’t tell her the truth.

    It is all funny now, but it wasn’t at the time!


  3. When I was first learning the art of golf cart 69 I gave my man a half black eye. Another time it was late we were in the woods with the golf cart and got bused 3 times by the same group of guys…The last time I had left my flip flops and they chased us down to give them back to me,
    Wow that was last summer.


  4. Oh.. this is funny… so, when I was a kid my Dad had the Joy of Sex book in his sock drawer. I think it is based off of the Joy of Cooking book, so the sections all had cutesy food type names such as main courses (with sex positions) and desserts (aftercare type stuff). The section for oral was called “sauces and pickles”. I didn’t really catch on that the food type headings were a cute affectation and I called getting a giving head “pickles” and eating pussy “sauces” for years until a group of friends made fun of me and I realized not everyone called them that. I found the Joy of Sex book a while after that in a used book store and only then caught on to the fact I’d gotten my names for things from that book. I was always surprised that none of my partners had gigantic bushes like the 70’s women drawings in that book. Hahahah..


  5. That is funny….I babysat for this really heavy couple who had sex stuff all over their room…I use to take there magazines and hang naked women up all over this fort we had…I had forgotten all about it, until a few years ago when my girlfriend ran into some guys from that town and they were like hey didn’t you have that porno fort when we were kids….This must of been like 6 grade….

    One time I was giving a guy head and I had gum in my mouth, I got gum all over and had to get it all off without him knowing… he thought what the hell is she doing? I never did ask, or tell him…

    I use to walk in on my mom and step dad having sex all the time…One time they were in the 69 and I stood there dumb founded for like 30 seconds…

    The guy I am with now, I met him because his cousin had told my girlfriend to call her slut friends so she called me, the cousin took me in the bed room and told me he wanted me to do his cousin, I was like I will do you both. Well I never did them both, when we were finished we were sitting on the bed and I had to ask him his name again…


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