Exciting New Dick

I both love and loathe this part of poly, the dating. I love meeting new people and having first kisses, and the excitement of new sexual partners. I’m kinda thrilled to be more open and more available. I like the deliciousness of freedom.

dating againIt’s nice that it’s not a big deal.  For the most part, as long as I communicate well, Hubby is really supportive of my dating, especially encouraging my desire for kink. It once threatened him, but he gets it now and is always trying to be helpful at kink munches and offering to go to events like the try it you might like it, saying I could maybe get some phone numbers.
Traveler, on the other hand, supports whatever I do almost to a fault, as long as I still see him at least once a week. When I told him a while back I might sleep with a visiting friend he said, “That sounds like fun.  I hope it’s awesome”.  When I told him I was thinking about swinging.. maybe, he said “Awesome”.  He just isn’t phased.  I used to think it was because he didn’t care, or he was emotionally stunted, but over the last months he’s been more loving and expressive, especially with all of the stuff with the ex. I’ve also seen him express a little jealousy when his other gal, Peaches. It isn’t that he doesn’t care or lacks emotion. It’s just that Traveler is just low drama and a good communicator.

So, I spiffed up the old OKC and I’ll be hitting the meet ups. I’m back on the market. I’m chatting with new people and exploring new possibilities. Traveler and I are planning adventures, and there’s a very good chance they’ll happen. I’m in no hurry and feel no pressure, but… I’m Back.

I’ll be seeking sexy people who like good conversation. I’d like them to be willing to leave the house regularly and content to say in sometimes. I’ll try to find people that can be honest and communicate well and that are secure in themselves. Oh the delicious possibilities.

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