ana l

Ha. This is a conversation I’ve sadly had almost every time I’ve said I was “kinky” on OKC. Possibilities come with some cost. Ha!

I like this phase of dating.  There is a lot of possibility.  I’m hanging out with a very cool guy, TexDom, who is 28, funny, smart, interesting and has very very very similar interests.  He is a friend who could be a FWB.

I’m chatting with a guy from OKC that may be a FWB or dating possibility.  We’ve exchanged some very fun talk, a video or two, and have some intriguing similarities.  He’s been sober 8.5 years and he’s funny and interesting and very sexual.  Yay!

I am not sure if we have any interest and/or compatability  beyond the possibility of the bedroom, but I might like to fuck him.  He has a nice dirty mind.  His video is intriguing.  I really need my partners to be very sexual I think.  Or maybe I just need at least ONE very sexual partner.

Hubby still isn’t putting out and this leaves poor Traveler holding down the fort.  He’s wonderful and lusty and sensuous and a little kinky, and he’s been increasingly loving.  He surprises me with his passion.  But he doesn’t have a very high sex drive.  He said even in his 20’s he was just always happy with once a day.  He’s a truly lovely once a day, mixing it up enough that I am always thrilled and often surprised.  I have only once been unsatisfied by him and I am NOT complaining.  He has a way of driving me wild with his teasing and his touch.  I end up begging him to fuck me  and then just flooding when he finally gives me what I crave.

However.. I do miss the enthusiasm of my youth.  Guys my age, and especially poly guys, seem to reserve something.  They have to.  It’s hard to please three women and you DO NOT want to be shortchanging them.  It’s nice sometimes to be wanted again and again and again.  It’s nice to have early evening and late evening sex, and morning sex and afternoon delight.  That giddy time in early relationships where you fuck for hours, breaking for snacks and water, is wonderful.  It’s been a while and I’m eagerly anticipating that.

Another prospect is realllllllly interesting. He’s a fellow blogger and writer, from my same home town of Cleveland and poly.  He’s really damn cute and a great conversationalist.  He has some fun and geeky hobbies and similar interests.  I don’t want to jinx it, but he’s kinda exciting.  We’ll see.

I’m meeting with the really sex driven sober guy this week and hope to soon meet the other prospect.  That one is moving slower and I like it.  I”m a huge fan of slow and well built these days.  I’ll almost certainly see TexDom again this week too, (as friends?  ?) and look forward to Friday and Saturday morning with my sweet Traveler.  I am soaking up Traveler’s love and affection and his sexy fun, but I’m hoping I am soon enjoying other sexy attentions.  Until then, Peaches and I, (Traveler’s other girlfriend), have talked about buddying around a bit to keep each other from wearing Traveler out with our sexual demands.  Too bad she isn’t bi.  😦

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