Cleveland Gets a Name

Okay.. full stop! The prospect for dating I’ve been texting and talking to and REALLY digging is.. well.. he’s who I’ve been especially interested in and he is KINKY!!!! Yes yes yes!

He’s poly, happily and stable-y married, cute as shit, smart, new in town, a little geeky, tall, and KINKY! Oh holy fuck yes. He owns a violet wand of all things.. can you believe it?  I’m so curious.  He loves using a flogger and is a switch.  A switch is better than a Dom.  He’s into kinky kinky sex but isn’t a controlling ass-hat.

Weirdly I was JUST talking to a friend about how they thought a person could not Dom and be poly because then the people aren’t equals (which I disagree with) and here is my hot example!

20130613-080314.jpgAlright.. down girl.. but oh this might just be cool. He’s from my same hometown. He’s a fellow blogger. He’s like a 92% match. He’s smart and sweet and funny.  He reads.  He loves roller derby.  He craves oral sex.. receiving and giving, and he’s KINKY!  I dub him Cleveland. All hail Cleveland!

*happy dance*

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