Hungarian you can use


Budapest is home to 1.7 million people, many of them little cunts. And a lot of those little cunts play with dolls. Just saying’

Talking with Cleveland, I asked if he knew the Hungarian word for pussy.  I’m classy.  What can I say?  I always ask when I hear you know a  language other than English.  He’s Hungarian.  He thought a moment and said “I never learned the word for pussy”.

I was incredulous.  He’s a native speaker!  What do you mean?  He said “my mom never told me the Hungarian word for pussy”.  Well.. sure.  That makes sense.  I asked him for the word for vagina.  He didn’t know that either.  I asked what his mom called it and he said she just never referred to it.  People are strange.  Can you imagine never referring to a vagina?  I asked, “you never even had to talk about like.. not kicking little girls in the vagina?”  That cracked me up.  Thinking about that later, it cracked me up that this was my example, as though this is something naughty little boys are always doing.

So.. I looked up the Hungarian words for pussy.  Hilarious.  Read the description.

Pina- vagina, pussy.  I wouldn’t use it in a Biology class.
Picsa -Cunt.  Note, VERY offensive, unless used among friends or qualified by “kis” as in “kis picsa” (little cunt) which may refer endearingly to a little girl.
Punci -(noun) Pussy. Note, A playful name of vagina. Also means girl.

Oh.. little cunts are made of sugar and spice and everything nice…

Cleveland said “I have a deeper appreciate for the language.  It’s either really open-minded or just plain misogynistic”.  Awesome.  :-P


  1. It’s either really open-minded or just plain misogynistic

    German is like this. I am frequently, hilariously flabbergasted by the things I find in the language here. I’ll give you some examples:

    One word for nipple is Brustwarze, Literally, this translates to breast wart.

    Labia = Schamlippen. Literally, “shame lips.” (This one cracks me up every time.)

    One word for pussy is Muschi. There’s a drink here called Kalt Muschi. Yup, that’s “Cold Pussy.” They sell it in the grocery stores here-

    …and I’ll close this with a funny that happened this week. Two days ago, I went into the hair place and accidentally asked for a divorce.

    You see, Schneiden is cut, but Scheiden is divorce, just one letter off. The stylist was very amused.

    If I’d asked for a Scheide, though- a Scheide is a vagina. She probably wouldn’t have been quite as amused. Or maybe she would have thought it’s hilarious.


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