Sex Blogging

So, what do bloggers do on a date.. heh.. and then they blog. 

So funny.  I was telling him a story about how I was called a prude today in a blog comment and he laughed and then his face registered something.  “What?” I asked.  “Umm.. I’m laughing at my own OCD”, he replied.  I smiled.  “You wanna blog?  Go ahead.. we can blog.”  Ha!


Bloggers on a Date

So, I think it’s safe to say that the nervousness of the first overnight is gone.  We got carried away again, but this time had no wife to potentially come home and no ferry to catch.  Lovely. 

He’s a sweet thing and he brought flowers.  Flowers?!?  Right?  When is the last time you got flowers?  Things were much smoother.  The conversation was still good, the kisses steamy, the chemistry strong, and huzzah.  Here’s the funny bit.  He just finished writing his blog and is petting me as I write mine………uh.. see ya!


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