Lovely so Far

I’m working on a big old post but it’s slow going, gathering research and quotes and formulating what I’m saying and it’s just too pretty out today for that kinda of thing.  Instead I’ll just gush a little.  Heh.. gush.


It looks way worse than it feels. Really.

So I had my much anticipated and minorly feared overnight with Cleveland and a really restorative date with Traveler.  I’m spending a good deal of time these days with friends and thinking about things, such as what I want and what I need and what the hell to do with my marriage.  But I’m also enjoying things and relaxing.  It’s nice to have a breather. 

Thursday I had my date with Cleveland.  It was just good.  I smiled a lot.  I love his geekiness and his sweetness and his naughty naughty interests.  It was one of those dates where you talk a ton and smile and kiss and touch and smile and talk and fuck and blog and kiss and touch and fuck and snuggle and sleep and kiss and touch and fuck and snuggle. Sigh.  Yes please. He showed me some of his toys and did a little mystery trick.  It was funny.  I was giving him head and thought he was about to come for the longest time till he forced me to stop.  I thought he hadn’t come because I hadn’t tasted or felt it.  I found out later he had cum and was so perplexed.  How do you not notice a man ejaculating in your mouth?  I was really into it, but damn.  Huh.. I must have been REALLY into it.

It’s too early to say what we are or what this is, and too nice just letting it be and watching it unfold.  I feel strangely un-angsty.  I’m not at all bored, but I feel no apprehension and no real fear.   Its easy.  I like it.

Traveler and I had a nice long date.  We both took a couple of hours of leave (I have a ton I will lose if I don’t take it) and we ran errands. We’d planned on walking around downtown, but it had looked gloomy so we’d planned to hit the container store, Ikea and a piercing shop instead.  How much fun is that?  I love doing domestic stuff like that sometimes on dates.  It’s fun to share real life.  We thoroughly enjoyed talking to and helping each other dream and plan.

Traveler’s old girl, the one he was massively in love with and that broke his heart and that he now just has an occasional sexual relationship with, is coming into town.  I worried at one time about her, not a big deal, but a pinch, because she is the girl Traveler was sprung over.  He’s learned and is slow and cautious when building relationships.  It’s been years now, and that time has passed and Traveler is the even keeled and passionate man of today.  I talked to Traveler about my pinch about her and I was reassured.

Anyway, she’s coming this next weekend and Traveler, Peaches (Traveler’s Other Girlfriend), me and Travelers Old Gal are all having lunch.  It will be nice to put a face with the name and stories.  I’m kinda excited for him that he has time to reconnect with her because it’s been like 6 months, and I’m kinda excited that he’s including us in meeting her.  She seems like a very cool person.  Traveler and I are planning to play a little WoW with her too.  When Traveler asked me, standing in Ikea textiles, how I felt about her playing with us sometimes because she is more free now with a recent breakup, I had this little wave of Uh Oh.  Then I realized.. we’ve gone over this.  There’s room for her and room for me too.  This could actually be fun.  I love playing with Traveler’s wife.  I said… “I’d love it”.  He said, “not all the time though.  I still really want my time with you”.  I kissed him, happy.

We finished our errands and he held my hand while I got my nipples pierced (like a champ because it didn’t hurt at all).  We came back to my place and he just attacked me, saying “I can’t wait to fuck you.. I don’t even want foreplay, is that okay?”.  I flushed all over.  It was very much okay.  We held each other a long time after, surprised at our own ardor, and then we played WoW.  I was so sated and so relaxed.  He told me again and again that he loved me and he showered me with affection.

This morning I seduced him again, which I’m not always successful at doing.  He is so hit-and-miss with morning sex.  We surprised ourselves again with a kind of marathon session that left us both drenched in sweat, panting, and grinning from ear to ear.

I jokingly said “if all of that is because I got my nipples pierced I will pierce EVERYTHING”.  Hehehe. ;-P


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