Do you have to F*$K to have fun?

Sigh.  I just had a date with Cleveland.  We planned a kinda low key mid-week thing.  It was such a good date and it didn’t involve the overnight or traditional sex, and it left me wondering, “Do you have to fuck to have fun?”

I’ve had dates where I didn’t have sex before.  I mean.. even I am not ALWAYS on.  But I have to admit that the times I’ve had no sex dates I usually missed the sex.  Tonight, honestly what I was craving was so relax and touch and just be.  And that is exactly what we did.

We went to an early dinner and a dessert, and we talked and joked and just decompressed.  Back at my place we made out for a long long time, playing with each other’s desire and taking each other to the edge and back down again over and over and over.  There was so much buildup that he gave me a lovely orgasm without me removing a single item of clothing.  It surprised both of us.  I was already so sated that it was unexpected and a sweet un-neccessity.  I returned the favor, of course, with slightly more clothing removal, but to be honest it really was the icing on the cake.  I felt restored and charged.

Much like the calm I appreciate with Traveler, Cleveland is just.. easy.  He doesn’t make me anxious or dread.  He doesn’t key me up or trigger anything.  He’s just a really good guy I have great chemistry with.  It’s early early days.. like the 5th date or so, but I have to say I like how things are developing.  I felt no angst about him leaving tonight.  I felt languid and happy.  I am whole in myself and spending time with him and his wholeness is also good.

Sigh.  You can have fun and not fuck.  Good to know.  🙂  It was a nice throwback to high school.  You ever do that?  Just have old-fashioned make out sessions?  Feel each other up and explore touch for the sake of touch?


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