Why why why?

God bless it. It’s day one and already it’s stupid. My husband is so convinced I want to fuck him over. I’d like not to be stupid or hire lawyers or whatever. We wanted to take some time to let this all sink in. Already he’s getting wacky. He got upset because I moved the insurance on my car and got rental insurance. Seriously? Why?

We are in fact separate and I don’t live there. Even if we wait and find we’d like to magically get back together, I still don’t live there and won’t for a while. He started talking about how he knows he’s fucked and ill take him to the cleaners. What the fuck?
I swear to god it’s like he didn’t share a life with me. I’ve never been money grubbing or weird about money and he knows this. Why would I start now?

He replaced me. He threw me away and I just keep asking to be fair. Seriously? I’m giving him the house and furniture. I’m splitting my inheritance he’s not legally entitled to because it’s morally right. What is wrong with him? But then.. Just because we’re split, why would it all be reasonable now?


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