Oh. Dear. God. Yes.

It’s been a fuck of a week and a really marvelous weekend.  I’m writing a blog with my blogger beau.  Don’t you just love it?

He says it’s almost self referential.. you know.. bloggers blogging about blogging..

I add and sex bloggers blogging about sex blogging with sex bloggers…mmmmmm.

Ok, I have to dish.  I have shared the whining and it’s time to share the afterglow.  I’m in bed with a sexy man, petting me as I blog.  Um.. yes.  I am still a little giddy with afterglow.  We broke in his new love nest and his velvety futon.  I showed up for our date to kisses that got carried away.  What is it with this guy?  Yummy.  😛

I have to tell you, it feels funny to be writing a sort of a review of him while sitting in bed next to him and reading aloud what I am writing as I write it.  It’s like a twisted eBay rating.  “A++++ Would totally hit that again!!”.  (That last funny bit was him.  Cute huh?)


Oh eBay… you weird weird thing.

After we were shaking with hunger (okay.. and maybe some neurotransmitters) we walked through his cute little walkable neighborhood and scored some chow.  Some fun conversation and some interrogation and some trivial pursuit later, we walked back wayyyy too full.  Scrumptous ice-cream from bluebird ice-cream was so worth it.

Back at the nest more sexy times ensued.  Talking, cuddling, sharing hilarity found in the “getting lucky private dance”- Songza channel, and a good time was had.  We seem to be in agreement that going slow, at least emotionally, is a good idea.

I need to process and deal with my stuff, and he is being cautious (intelligently) to make sure he keeps things good with his wife.  But, having said that… sigh.  Good times.  It’s nice to have a good date.  I like this.  He’s warm and emotionally available, affectionate, and so gloriously kinky.  It doesn’t hurt that he’s cute as hell too.  Smile.  Smile.  Smile.


There. Now you can say you once saw a guinea pig in chain mail riding a jet-ski. 🙂

I’m gonna go lure him off his precious too and curl up.  It seems like a nice time to pet him to sleep and drift off all warm and happy.

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