Yesterday I moved out of the home I shared with my husband and into my new home.  It was surprisingly less emotional than I expected it to be.  Packing had been hard.  It was jarring to see my home dismantling as I took down the art and rolled up the rugs and grabbed all of the things I would be taking.  Sorting through pictures was tough.  Seeing mementos and things we’d been excited about, and realizing it was all really ending was difficult.  I was wracked with tears packing a box of love letters and cards and mushy stuff from 13 years together.


Loading the truck, in contrast, was decidedly easy (If you count backbreaking labor as easy).  We gouged the crap out of the wall taking out the box spring, but otherwise there were no casualties or tears. 

I worked as long as I could last night to arrange my new place.  I made good progress and then fell into a deep deep sleep.  I fought to not be lonely or sad and mostly succeeded.

I can’t tell you how grateful I am.  Cleveland and Traveler dug in and helped me move everything.  It was a long day too, with ferries and lines and a lot of stairs moving out of my three story townhouse.  They never complained and worked tirelessly, graciously accepting the 47 times I thanked them and being pretty good spirited and chipper about the whole trial.  If I didn’t already think they were two of the finest humans ever, I would now!

I am also Grateful for friends that helped load on the one end and friends that helped unload on the other end.  Very good stuff.

ImageFuther gratitude – Cleveland likes me.  I know!  Right?  We had a really nice date Saturday with unwinding from work (poor guy), yummy foods, fantastic petting and snuggling and just HOURS kisses and touch, really good conversation, and “what did you just do because that was fantastic and I must know how you did it” sex.  He was pretty exhausted and keyed up, but he was able to talk to me about what he was thinking and feeling about work and so it rocked anyway.

We took a page from the Dan Savage podcast and “fucked first”.  See, then you aren’t full from dinner.  I like it.  I like it a

I told him that I liked him.  I know!  So fast.  But he’s so likable.  I tried to say it and kinda brush it off, but he wouldn’t let me, and to be honest, I really liked that.  He likes me too.  I’m not rushing into anything or distracting myself from the things I need to do or deal with, but I do have to say that these bright spots of sweetness sure make the medicine go down easier.  Thank God for cute new beaus and steady boyfriends.  So damn grateful.

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