Oral Fixation

I started to comment on my friend’s lovely post extolling the virtues of head and realized it was its own blog post.  Damn I’m wordy sometimes.


Girl’s Just Wanna Have Fun

I love giving head.  I don’t understand people who don’t like giving head or eating pussy.  It’s such a delicious pleasure to explore a lover and learn what makes them gasp, and the feeling of power and accomplishment and pleasure as you drive them crazy!  AWESOME!  I’ve never understood people that don’t like it either.  Even back when it scared me and I wasn’t sure what to do, I was so curious and I liked playing around and asking my lovers what they liked and discovering things.

Wait.. I still like that.  I have a few little tricks I enjoy doing that seem to work wonders, but it’s always so much fun just to play.  Ever noticed that ardor makes up for a lot of “sins”?  I’ve been talking about this a little lately.

My new lover is just AMAZING at eating pussy.  He’s a fucking master.  I think it’s partially that he has skill and technique and has clearly read and explored and studied, but honestly it’s more that he just LOVES it.  He loves it so much it makes me crazy.  I’ve often said that if I had to choose I’d choose a lover that loved eating my pussy but wasn’t that “skilled” over a lover who was skilled and didn’t really get into it.  There’s something so hot about feeling so good and knowing they are loving every second of it.  It’s of course extra nice if they love it and have skills, like my dear Cleveland.  God damn.  Whew.  I have to stop writing about that or I’ll never finish this post!

I’ve heard people say they don’t like the taste or smell of eating pussy or of male ejaculate.  Nate talks about the taste of pussy in his post and I agree.  A healthy pussy is delicious and smells lovely.  It’s weird that some people find the sex of a woman to be dirty or foreign or odd.  It’s so sexy and sensual.  I’ll admit I don’t always love the taste of female ejaculate (squirting), but pussy in general is delicious.  Male cum.. again.. yum.  IF he’s healthy.

I  know guys are all about you swallowing, but honesty.. if you really don’t like it, spit.  You can be sneaky about it.  I’ve done it when a guy tastes funky.  I would keep a drink by the bed, like a soda can or something like that.  When I finished, I’d take a sip of the drink and  backwash the whole thing into the can and get rid of it soon after.  That’s so rare though that you’d even need to do that.  An even easier tip is to just take him very deep as he cums and then it’s very easy to swallow.  I’m not suggesting you choke yourself with it, unless of course you crazy kids like that sort of thing, but that if it’s very near or in your throat it’s easy to swallow.

Now, having said all that, healthy cum is tasty.  Healthy pussy is tasty.  If you’d like to be even more tasty there has been research done on this.  Pineapple and mango make your sex delicious, for example.  I think grapefruit does too, but I’m not sure.  Google!

So, a few quick and dirty tips.. for what they are worth.  I tried to keep these general.  For more specific technique type tips, google has sources aplenty.  This is just one SeattlePolyChick’s recommendations for great head.

a) Get in there and get into it.  Porn often shows people giving really hum-drum oral.  A person is holding their face really far from the pussy and licking with their reaching tongue.  Women are bobbing up and down mechanically and doing the exact same thing with each stroke.  (yawn).  Get in there.  Get into it.

b) Mix it up.  Try stroking like this for a second or sucking on that for a bit and then mix it up a little.  Pay attention to their body language or the sounds they make.  Try something for about 5 seconds and see how it goes then vary your pressure or speed or way you are moving.

c) Use what your maker gave ya.  Use more than just your tongue when you are eating a pussy and more than just your oval lips when giving head.  Use your hands and your lips, your nose and mouth and chin.  Use your teeth carefully.  Use your breath and your saliva. and other parts of your hands.  Touch his balls and her vulva.  Get in there.  Get around there.

d) Do what you like too.  It feels good to move your tongue and mouth around on the skin of a cock.  The head feels nice and warm in your mouth, and the shaft is so smooth.  Hit the head gently on your lips and lick the planes and surfaces.  Play.  Have fun.  Explore.  It feels nice in and on your mouth and tongue and lips.  Swirl your hand around a little.  Enjoy swooping.

A pussy is a delight for the senses of touch.  Feel her labia on your lips and suck on her firm clit.  Mouth her and lick her and suck her and explore.  Lick hard and soft and wet and full.  Use your hands and fingers and palms.  Suck and nibble and lick and taste.  Get messy.  It feels great.

e)  HAVE FUN.  Pay attention to your partners pleasure and the joy you are giving them.  You are a hero.  You make them feel so good.  You are having fun and they are LOVING it.  You are powerful and amazing.  You are hot.  You are rocking their world.  Be proud and feel your accomplishment.  Take joy in the joy you give.  See their pleasure as you explore.  Take your time.  Yessssssss.


  1. Okay, maybe I can help you understand a little why some people don’t like blowjobs. I can’t speak to going down on a female because I never have. Anyway.

    I do not like giving head because I have a very sensitive gag reflex and throw up the minute something touches my uvula. And inevitably, the minute I start showing enthusiasm, I have to run to the bathroom. Even though I used to stick my fingers down my throat as a kid (not bulimic, just weird), I still have not desensitized my gag reflex enough to enjoy head. It almost seems like my gag reflex is getting worse instead of better because I used to be able to swallow pills relatively easily and now I choke when I take meds. I can’t win.


  2. You’re right!! Some women doesn’t like getting their pussy eaten and majority of men love getting blowjobs but I’ll pick someone who loves doing and not skilled at all rather than someone who’s skilled and not into it. With that being said, glad you found a cunnilingus master!!!


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