The Purple People Pleaser

It’s time for a sexier, or at least more informative about sexy pursuits, post.  How about the Violet wand?  Cleveland is really cute when he blushes, and I think this one might make him blush.  In fact, it might make him…purple.  He’s a kinky boy.  He’s a sweet, funny, thoughtful, interesting, nerdy, sexy, curious kinky boy.  Halleluiah!

He’s a boy with a lot of toys.  He has a working Commodore 64.  He has a gun store worth of ammo and reloading stuff.  He has a ham radio and precision torque devices.  He collects antique slide rules and fountain pens and inks.  Yeah, he’s that guy.  So, should it surprise me that he also has a good selection of kinky kinky fun time things?  Heh.  He processes his own hemp rope for bondage.  Hell to the yeah!  Now do you see why I love fucking nerds?  The man researches and explores.  He is not a lazy lover.  Oh man.. his skilled mouth alone.  yes.  yes.  oh yes.  We are just starting to explore and I’m so enthralled.  Vanilla sex with him is really fun, but how much cooler is it that we can also share our other varied interests and a good deal of kink.

One of his many sexual talents is his use of the magic wand.  I’ve long had an interest in exploring electrical play.  It’s just cool.  I like electricity and I knew enough to know that it’s got a range of sensation possibilities.  (I was once a biomedical engineer, remember?).  It can be warm and languid, sharp, zappy, stingy, microscopically thuddy, exciting (as in excites the muscles and nerves and receptors) and tingly.  I’d never played with electricity sexually though, beyond a short scene involving a few seconds with a little shocker.  I have to admit I was pretty thrilled when the super sexy and sweet guy I was crushing on told me he has a violet wand amongst his plethora of toys.

A violet wand is a device designed for sexual stimulation with electricity.  It’s a little high voltage transformer with plastic body, a cord, an on/off switch, and an intensity control.  It typically comes in a black briefcase with silver edging and a variety of attachments and electrodes nestled in foam compartments in the case.  There are kits at various price ranges, and the variant seems to be the number and types of accessories rather than wand itself.

The wand is a low-current high-voltage device.  It is used for BDSM, scarification and sensation play.  The electrodes are made of tempered glass with gases in them, kind of like old neon signs.  When electrified, the electrodes emit varied kinds of sparks and makes the gas in them glow various colors.  It does not produce ultraviolet light though.  That’s a myth.  The arcs released create ozone and nitrogen oxides and have a distinct smell, kind of like lightning. The sensations produced vary from a very pleasant warmth to zappy shocks.

The wands are also used with conductive accessories like metal chain floggers and Wartenberg wheels.  They can be used for all kinds of sensations from burning and scarification to gentle erotic massages and warm genital stimulation.  There’s a method too of having the recipient hold onto a contact and then letting your hands (or any part of your body) make sparks dance between you when you are in promimity, your fingers just above or just touching your lover’s body.  So delicious.

Cleveland pulled out his box of tricks and explored it with me, introducing me to a variety of sensations and responses.  It was fucking delicious.  I giggled and sighed, jumped and relaxed.  It was so pleasant and so slightly painful at times (you know how I love some well applied pain).  He left bruises on my tits and these little dotted lines all over my body where he’d run his electrified Wartenberg wheel and I spent the week catching sight of them here and there flashing back to all of the other sensations of such a fun lover, reliving those delicious orgasms and anticipating his kisses.

Mmmm.. Cleveland.  Are you blushing yet?  There, tilting his head and smiling so sexily, blushing a nice dark violet, that’s a purple people pleaser.  🙂


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