Oral Fixation- The Podcast!

Oral Fixation- The Podcast!

Here it is.  It’s our first ever podcast.  Cleveland and I talk about oral sex.  Let us know what you think!  It has a slow start, but I think it’s kinda cute.  Seriously.. let us know what you think.


  1. Very cute, but I kept hoping Cleveland would sound like Cleveland from Family Guy. 🙂

    What does an English Garden taste like? Pants muffins caused my stomach to flip ick.
    Wash you ass…good advice I may take that to heart. 🙂 And at the 10 minute mark we are on cheese and I am no longer hungry. Googling sushi for cum taste sounds like you guys need a research assistant.

    Having just used mango for sushi I will have to disagree on the mango flavor thoughts. However, mango in sushi…COOL RANCH DORITOS WTF? AHHHH my ears are going hysterically deaf. Podcast, food, and now a striptease staring with…socks. This is fun to listen too and take notes on.

    Parts of genitals, yep need a live research assistant or Research Monkey. 🙂 Back to food…how was the Thai? I love making Thai at home. What if your dick curves to the left or the right are those parts in the same spot? 🙂

    Have you ever given head? Excellent question. Hood piercings, wow this podcast leaves no skin unturned. Did you find my clit overly hard to find? Yet another excellent question and good answer. The wrong answer and that could have gotten ugly. 🙂

    Tongue like a blade sounds like a kung-fu movie I watched as a kid. Some good tongue advice here. And now they sing. This could only be better with more sound effects, puppets, and a sound track. I love this.

    Is his phone going to become a recurring character? If so needs more lines. 🙂

    Good point about the depiction of porn and going down on women. Which explains why most men are so bad at it. That is true burying your face in is good and sucks for camera presence, but the forehead is an excellent place to put a marketing slogan.

    Oral sex is not a job? Well damnit time to change my resume.

    Lock jaw and tongue cramps. This is so true to life. Story time wheeeee….a giraffe? The male orgasm as done by Seattlepolychick is awesome. Moral of the story great head beats head wound. Tore his foreskin…

    Advice from Cleveland do your studying.

    And they end with thoughts on other people’s podcasts.

    A lot fun.


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  3. I had a lot of fun listening to this….I loved how you talked about pussy smells….If you know what your pussy smells like you will know when it needs help, because it will let you know right away….I had a girlfriend who had only been my friend for a little while, I hated going in the bathroom after her because she stank…..As forward and blunt as I can be, I could not find a good way to say “bitch your pussy stinks get that shit checked” . No good way to say that….So I started talking about how as women we all need to know our smell. After a while she got the picture……
    Because of my white trash up bring, I did not have dental care until my 20’s (sad but true), I ended up with dentures in my early 30’s. Best part of having dentures is the feel of a cock in your mouth and no teeth to worry about….I will have phantom pains and a cock is the best way to itch them 😛


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