Blue Flame

I have to introduce a new character.  I’m going to call him Blue.  Someone else apparently blogged about or blogs about him and calls him Blue Flame, so I’m stealing it.  We’ll call him Blue for short.

blue flameI met Blue on OKC a while ago but we hadn’t yet met because he was traveling for work.  We talked a few times on OKC and a few times on Google Chat, and have been having fun getting to know a little about each other.  I think he seems to fit most squarely in the “potential actual friends with benefits with some potential if need be” category.  I like him.  He’s smart and fun to talk to. We’ve got good rapport and he seems genuinely interested in me as a human beyond my possession of a pussy.  He seems super interested in my possession of a pussy too.  Hehehe.

So, I’m not really seeking new partners.  I’m about to embark on a hopefully amicable divorce, but ending a 13 year relationship none-the-less.  I also just began something with Cleveland and it’s really good.  I don’t want to fuck that up.  That guy is god damned awesome.  He’s so sweet and sexy and funny and smart and wonderful to talk to and hang with and just.. seems like such a decent and good person.  He seems kind.  He seems trustworthy.  We have sooo many common interests.  He’s got real potential.  I mean, we’ll see.. I’ve only known him just over a month now, but I like him more and more the more I get to know.  There is no way I’d want to jeopardize that budding connection.  Things with Traveler are also really evolving and deepening and that too I would not like to jeopardize.  My existing connections are important to me and honestly get my priority.

Having said that.. I love being open if something really interesting comes along.  I don’t see that super much of either Traveler or Cleveland and I have some free time.  ;-D

So, enter Blue Flame.  (Ha.  I find that name silly.)  He’s in his mid forties, and is cute, with a bald head and blue blue eyes and a nice smile. He’s articulate and is a good conversationalist.  He travels a lot.  He seems pretty down to earth and likeable.  This is made more noteworthy by the fact that he’s a Dom and a sexologist.  The sexologist part brings to mind hippy woo-woo stuff.  Unfortunately some people who are into things like bodywork and neo-tantra are hard to relate to.  I like some hippy shit.  I’m very interested in neo-tantra.  I like organic food and reusing and recycling and avoiding chemicals and pesticides when feasible and try to use less energy and less fuel.  I love mediation and I like being in my body, but very woo-woo people leave me generally wanting reason and stability.  He was not very woo-woo at all.

The Dom part brings to mind weird posturing and pageantry and being a dick over coffee to exert his power and put me in my place or play with our energy.  It seems Dom dudes often want to start out from minute one exerting some sort of immature grasp at authority that is petty and irritating.  They want to start reminding you they are a Dom by ordering you to eat the last of the cookie or turn right when they say to on a walk.  Nope.  He was nice and friendly and open.  He talked easily about his interests and sex and what he’d like in a relationship and was not at all a douchebag.  He related in a perfectly even and normal way to me as a full human being.  Huzzah!  Very nice.

So, cute and smart and cool with REALLY similar kinky interests.  Um.. yes please.  Like I said, I have no idea what this will be if anything, but I like the possibility.  I have pretty much decided not to date or play with anyone that has any real expiration date to them.  I don’t want to play with a relationship that can’t ever go anywhere.  I don’t want to invest in something that has zero potential.  I’m not saying I’ll never have casual sex.  I’m keeping that door open though I admit it’s unlikely I’ll engage.  I like the door being open.  I like this more though.. deepening things with Traveler, exploring and building a lovely connection and attraction with Cleveland, and at least promising new fun in Blue without an expiration date.  Lucky lucky lucky.

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