A Relationship Date

Sometimes in polyamory my dates feel like they are all kinda sexy fun time adventures, and that rocks.  It really does.  BUT… these are relationships, so I find myself really treasuring the dates that aren’t all hearts and flowers.

Tonight Cleveland and I built shelves in my living room.

ImageDon’t get me wrong.  He showed up and we hadn’t seen each other for something like 10 days, so monkey sex ensued.  It was wonderful to kiss him and see his face and pet him and cuddle up, and it was hot as fuck to rip his clothes off and suck his dick and have him bury his face between my legs.  Afterwards though we went to Home Depot.  We bought melamine shelf boards and some 1x wood to cut into supports.  We got wood screws and a little thing of white paint.  We held hands and looked at stuff at Home Damn Depot.  It was crazy fulfilling.  I told him so at the time too.

Because you often only see each other once or twice a week with poly relationships, or maybe three times a week on those really really rare and wonderful weeks, the time is really limited and special and it ends up being more of an event, and a sort of respite from normal life.  It’s special time with THEM.  You usually end up talking, snuggling, fucking, going out to eat or making something quick, and sleeping.  That’s amazeballs.  But I gotta tell you, I like it when you throw in things from time to time like talking to me while you fold laundry, or sharing a hobby with me, or grocery shopping or running errands.  It feels.. relationshipy.

There’s something lovely about letting someone into your weird little world and getting into theirs too.  I like my lovers unplugged and unglamorous at times.  I like the feeling of kissing my honey while he’s all relaxed at home in his sweats and curling up to watch the next Game of Thrones or making a podcast.  I like sharing more than sex and food.  I like sharing a little bit of life.  You know?

Now, having said that.. I think I had something like 7 orgasms this afternoon and I made him cry out pretty hard when he came.  It’s hot.  But it’s also really nice that the cooler bits are warm and lovely.  We work well together and damn if my shelves don’t look fabulous.


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