Recording Sex?

I just made a podcast with Cleveland.  It’s about honesty, disclosure, and telling the truth.  I think it’s a good one. I hope so.  We are blogging and doing little tasks while we digest our big ol’ Irish dinners.  I went and switched over my laundry and came back to notice the recorder’s light was on and glowing red.  It’s a fancy recorder with lots of lights.  I asked if we’d accidentally left it on and recording.  He checked and we hadn’t.  I crawled into the bed to interrupt his blogging and steal a kiss.  Mmmmm..

He said.. “it is set up though.. we could leave it recording….”

I think that’s kinda intriguing. 

I asked if he thought we’d be self conscious.  He did the thing he does where he tilts his head and says.. “I wouldn’t mind…”. And he smiles sexy and slow.

It’s what he said when we were making out hot and heavy on our second date and we got carried away and I asked if he wanted to fuck me.  It’s what he said when I asked if he wanted to wait to eat tonight so I could attack him first.  It’s what he says, so cutely, when he’d like to do something but he’s “leaving it up to me.” 

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