Surprise and Yummy Plans

Hmm.. Cleveland surprised me a little.  Good times.

Yesterday Cleveland showed up to go to Trivia with me and Peaches and Traveler and his wife.  We had about 10 minutes till we had to get ready to go get Peaches’ and he totally surprised me.  I don’t know if he was less stressed or just feeling randy, but he was so close to making me blow off everyone and everything and stay home to fuck him.  He was a little of what I have been craving.

He pushed me on the bed, pulled my head back by my hair, and played with his hands on my throat.  He was forceful, powerful, and taking charge.  We made out and I was ridiculously turned on. He left a few little bruises on my breasts and my thighs.  I could not get enough.  We calmed down a little late but made it to trivia, amazingly, and I was wet all night with flashbacks to the early evening and his vicious teasing.

After Trivia, back at my place, we picked up again.  He was feeling a bit of lingering stress and we played around a bunch and I reveled in him.  We were passionate and aggressive and sweet and loving in turns.  Afterward I ran the idea of my sexy Canadian friend and her Hubby coming here to Seattle by him and asked if he’d like to meet them.  They are here next weekend.

I have no idea if anything would develop between the parties, but it could.  Canadianne and her Hubby are poly swingers, and they’re fucking cute as hell.  I figure we’ll just meet without pressure and expectation and see if anything can develop.  I’m just excited to meet them and have them meet my sweet Traveler and Cleveland in any capacity.

cuffsOn the note of yummy plans, I have some.  I have to pick up a few small things, but I have some plans to play a little with an old part of my personality.  I’m not a Domme or a Top really, but I like to play with certain little things and was historically the aggressor in my sexual relationships.  I have a few things assembled and am looking forward to a date tonight with Traveler and a mini weekend with Cleveland.  I have plans to top each in their own way.  I’m upping my game.  Delicious.

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